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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Dabareh Dabbasheth Dabbesheth Daberath Dabria Dacubi; Dacobi Daddeus Daemon Daemoniac Dagger Dagon Dagons house Daily Daily Offering; Daily Sacrifice Daily sacrifice Dainties; Dainty (Meats) Daisan Dakubi Dalaiah Dala-iah Dalan Dale, King's Daleth Dale, the kings Dally Dalmanutha Dalmatia Dalphon Dam Damage Damaris Damascenes Damascus Dammesek Eliezer Damnation Damn; Damnation; Damnable Damned Damsel Dan Dan ; Dan, Tribe Of Dance Dancing Dandle Dandled Danger Daniel Daniel, Apocryphal additions to Daniel, Book of Daniel, Book Of Daniel, The book of Daniel, Theology of Danites Danites, The Dan-jaan Dan-Jaan Dannah Daphne Dara Darah Darda Dare Daric Darius Dark; Darkness Darkly Darkness Darkon Dark Sayings Darling Dart Dart-Snake Dash Date Dates Dathan Dathema Daub Daughter Daughter-In-Law Daughters of Men David David, City of David, City Of David, Root Of David, Tower Of Dawn; Dawning Day Day And Night Day Before The Sabbath Day, Break Of Day, Joshua's Long Day, Last Day, Lord's Day of Atonement Day Of Atonement Day of Christ Day Of Christ Day of Judgment Day Of Judgment Day of Rest Day Of The Lord (Yahweh) Day Of Yahweh Days journey Day's Journey Days, Last Daysman Dayspring Daystar Day-Star Day, That (The) Deacon Deacon, Deaconess Deacon; Deaconess Deaconess Dead Dead, Baptism For The Dead Body Deadly Dead Sea Dead Sea Scrolls Dead Sea, The Dead, State Of The Deaf Deal Deal, Tenth Dear; Dearly Dearth Death Death, Body Of Death, Mortality Death of Christ Death, Second Debate Debir Deborah Debt Debt; Debtor Debtor Decalog Decalogue Decapolis Decay Decease, In New Testament Decease, In The Old Testament And Apocyphra Deceit Deceivableness; Deceive Decently Decision Decision, Valley of Decision, Valley Of Declaration; Declare Decline Decrees Decrees of God Dedan Dedan; Dedanites Dedanim Dedicate; Dedication Dedication, Feast of Dedication, Feast Of Deed Deep Deep Sleep Deer Defame Defame; Defaming Defect; Defective Defence Defenced Defer Defile Defile; Defilement Defy Degenerate Degree Degrees, Song of Degrees, Songs of Degrees, Songs Of Dehaites Dehavites Dehort Dekar Delaiah Delay Delectable Delicacy Delicate; Delicately Deliciously Delight Delightsome Delilah Deliver Delos Deluge Deluge Of Noah Delusion Demand Demas Demetrius Demon Demon; Demoniac; Demonology Demoniacs Demophon Den Denarius Denial Denounce Deny Deposit Depth Deputy Derbe Derision Descend; Descent Descent into Hell (Hades) Descent, Of Jesus Describe Descry Desert Desire Desire of all nations Desire Of All Nations Desolate Desolation, Abomination of Desolation, Abomination Of Despair Despite Despite; Despiteful Dessau Destiny, (Meni) Destitute Destroy, Destruction Destroyer Destruction Destruction, City of Determinate Determine Detestable, Things Deuel Deutero-Canonical, Books Deuteronomy Deuteronomy, Theology of Device Devil Devil, hath a Devote, Devoted Devoted, Things Devotion; Devotions Devout Dew Diadem Dial Dial Of Ahaz Diamond Diana Diana; Artemis Diaspora Diblah Diblaim Diblath Diblathaim Dibon Dibon; Dibon-Gad Dibon-gad Dibon-gan Dibri Dibzahab Dice-Playing Dictionaries Didache Didrachma Didrachmon Didymus Die Diet Die the death Dig Dignities; Dignity Dike Diklah Dilean Diligence; Diligent; Diligently Dill Diminish Dimnah Dimon Dimonah Dimon; Dimonah Dinah Dinaites Dine Dinhabah Dinner Dionysia Dionysius Dionysus, (Bacchus) Dioscorinthius Dioscuri Diotrephes Dip Diphath Disallow Disallowed Disannul Disappoint Discern Discernings Of Spirits Disciple Disciple, Discipleship Discipline Discomfit Discomfit; Discomfiture Discourse Discover Discrepancies, Biblical Discus Disdain Disease Disease; Diseases Diseases Diseases Of The Eye Dish Dishan Dishan; Dishon Dishon Dishonesty Disobedience; Disobedient Disorderly Dispatch Dispensation Dispersion Dispersion Of Nations Dispersion, The Disposition Disputation Dissemble Dissemblers Dissembleth Dissimulation Distaff Distil Distinctly Ditch Divers Divers; Diverse; Diversities Diversity and Unity of Scripture Dives Divide Divination Divine; Diviner Divine Names Divine Visitation Division Divorce Divorce In The New Testament Divorce In The Old Testament Dizahab Di-Zahab Doctor Doctrine Docus Dodai Doda-i Dodanim Dodavah Dodavahu Dodo Dodo; Dodai Doe Doeg Dog Dogma Dok Doleful Doleful creatures Dolphin Dominion Dominions Doom Door Doorkeeper Door-keeper Doorpost Door-posts Doors Dophkah Dor Dorcas Dor; Dora Dorymenes Dositheus Dotaea Dote Doth Dothaim Dotha-im Dothan Doting Double Doubt Dough Dove Doves dung Dowry Doxology Drachm Drachma; Dram Dragon Dragon, Bel And The Dragon, Red Dragon well Dragon Well Dram Drama Mimic Draught Draught-house Drave Drawer of water Drawer Of Water Dream Dream; Dreamer Dreams Dredge Dregs Dress Drink Drink Offering Drink-offering Drink, strong Drink, Strong Dromedary Drop, Dropping Dropsy Dross Drought Drove Drown Drowning Drum Drunk Drunkenness Drusilla Dryshod Dualism Due Duke Dulcimer Dumah Dumali Dumb Dung Dung; Dung Gate Dungeon Dung-gate Dunghill Dung-hill Dura Duration of the Sojourn in Egypt Dure Dureth Durst Dust Duty Dwarf Dwell Dwellings Dye Dye; Dyeing Dysentery Day of the Lord, God, Christ, the Dedication, Feast of the Dispersion, The Jews of the The Dog The Donkey