Genesis 37:1-6 NIV

Joseph's Dreams

1 Jacob lived in the land where his father had stayed,1 the land of Canaan.2

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2 This is the account3 of Jacob. Joseph,4 a young man of seventeen,5 was tending the flocks6 with his brothers, the sons of Bilhah7 and the sons of Zilpah,8 his father's wives, and he brought their father a bad report9 about them.

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3 Now Israel10 loved Joseph more than any of his other sons,11 because he had been born to him in his old age;12 and he made a richly ornamenteda robe13 for him.14

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    • a 37:3 - The meaning of the Hebrew for "richly ornamented" is uncertain; also in verses 23 and 32.
      4 When his brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him15 and could not speak a kind word to him.

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      5 Joseph had a dream,16 and when he told it to his brothers,17 they hated him all the more.18

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          6 He said to them, "Listen to this dream I had: