In this chapter begins the history of Joseph, with whom the remaining
part of this book is chiefly concerned; and here are related the hatred
of his brethren to him, because he brought an ill report of them to his
father, and because his father loved him, and which was increased by
the dream he dreamed, and told them of, \\#Ge 37:1-11\\; a visit of his to
his brethren in the fields, whom he found after a long search of them,
\\#Ge 37:12-17\\; their conspiracy on sight of him to slay him, but by the
advice of Reuben it was agreed to cast him into a pit, which they did,
\\#Ge 37:18-24\\; and after that, at the motion of Judah, sold him to the
Ishmaelites, who were going to Egypt, \\#Ge 37:25-28\\; this being done,
Reuben being absent, and not finding Joseph in the pit, was in great
distress, \\#Ge 37:29,30\\; their contrivance to deceive their father, and
make him believe that Joseph was destroyed by a wild beast, which on
the sight of the coat he credited, and became inconsolable,
\\#Ge 37:31-35\\; and the chapter concludes with the sale of Joseph in
Egypt to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh's, \\#Ge 37:36\\.