Job 11:13-20 NIV

13 "Yet if you devote your heart1 to him and stretch out your hands2 to him,3

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14 if you put away4 the sin that is in your hand and allow no evil5 to dwell in your tent,6

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15 then you will lift up your face7 without shame; you will stand firm8 and without fear.9

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16 You will surely forget your trouble,10 recalling it only as waters gone by.11

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17 Life will be brighter than noonday,12 and darkness will become like morning.13

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18 You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest14 in safety.15

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19 You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid,16 and many will court your favor.17

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20 But the eyes of the wicked will fail,18 and escape will elude them;19 their hope will become a dying gasp."20

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