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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Maacah Maacah; Maachah Maacathites Maachah Maachathi Ma-achathi Maadai Ma-adai Maadiah Ma-adiah Maai Ma-ai Maale-akrabbim Ma-aleh-acrabbim Maaleh-acrabbim Maaleh-Acrabbim Maani Maarath Maareh-Geba Maasai Maaseas Maaseiah Ma-aseiah Maasiai Ma-asiai Maasmas Maath Maaz Maaziah Ma-aziah Mabdai Mabnabedai Macaerus Macalon Maccabaeus; Maccabees Maccabees Maccabees, Books of Maccabees, Books Of, 1-2 Maccabees, Books Of, 3-5 Macedonia Machaerus Machbanai Mach-bana-i Machbannai Machbena Machbenah Machi Machir Machirites, The Machir; Machirite Machmas Machnadebai Machna-deba-i Machpelah Maconah Macron Madai Mada-i Made manifest Madiabun Madian Mad; Madness Madmannah Madmen Madmenah Madness Madon Maelus Magadan Magbish Magdala Magdalene Magdiel Magdi-el Maged Magi Magic Magicians Magic; Magician Magic, Magicians Magi, Star Of Magistrate Magi, The Magnifical Magnificat Magnify Magog Magor-missabib Magor-Missabib Magpiash Magus, Simon Mahalah Mahalaleel Mahalale-el Mahalalel Mahalath Mahalath Leannoth Maschil Mahalath Maschil Mahaleleel Mahali Mahanaim Mahanehdan Mahaneh-dan Mahaneh-Dan Mahanem Maharai Mahara-i Mahath Mahavite Mahavites Mahavite, The Mahaz Mahazioth Maher-shalal-hash-baz Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Mahlah Mahli Mahlites Mahlon Mahol Mahseiah Maiannas Maid; Maiden Mail Mail, Coat of Maimed Main-sail Majesty Makas Makaz Makebates Maked Make, Maker Maker Makheloth Makkedah Maktesh Maktesh, The Malachi Malachi, Prophecies of Malachi, Theology of Malachy Malcam Malcham Malchiah Malchiel Malchielites Malchijah Malchiram Malchi-shua Malchi-Shua Malchus Male Malefactor Maleleel Ma-lele-el Malice Malice, Malignity Mallos Mallothi Mallows Malluch Malluchi Mallus Malobathron Maltanneus Mamaias Mamdai Mammon Mamnitanemus Mamre Mamuchus Man Manaen Manahath Manahathites Manahetbites Manahethites Manasseas Manasseh Manasses Manasses, The Prayer Of Manassites Manassites, The Man-Child Mandrake Mandrakes Maneh Maneh; Mina Manes Man from Heaven Manger Mani Manifest Manifestly Manifest; Manifestation Manifold Manifold more Manius; Titus Mankind Manlius, Titus Man, Mankind Manna Man, Natural Manner; Manners Man, New Man; New Manoah Man of Lawlessness Man of sin Man Of Sin Man Of War Man, Old Man, Outward Manservant Mansion Manslayer Man, Son Of Manstealing Mantelet Mantle Manuscripts Manuscripts Of The New Testament Manuscripts Of The Old Testament Maoch Maon Maonites, The Maon; Maonites Mar Mara Marah Maralah Maranatha Marble Marcheshvan March; Marches Marcion, Gospel Of Marcus Mardocheus Marduk Mare Mareshah Marimoth Mariner Marisa Marish Marishes Mark Market; Marketplace; Mart Market of Appius Market-place Market-places Market, Sheep Mark, Gospel according to Mark, Gospel of Mark, John Mark of the Beast Mark, The Gospel According To, 1 Mark, The Gospel According To, 2 Mark, Theology of Marmoth Maroth Marriage Marriage-feasts Marrow Marsena Marsh Marshal Mars Hill Mars' Hill Mart Martha Martyr Marvel; Marvelous Mary Mary Magdalene Mary, mother of Mark Mary, sister of Lazarus Mary, The Passing Of Mary the virgin Masaloth Maschil Mash Mashal Masias Masman Mason Maspha Masrekah Massa Massacre Of The Innocents Massah Massah And Meribah Massias Massrekah Mast Master Masteries, strive for Mastery Mastic, Mastick Mathanias Mathelas Mathusala Matithiah Matred Matri Matrites Matrix Mattan Mattanah Mattaniah Mattatha Mattathah Mattathias Mattattah Mattenai Matter Matthal Matthan Matthanias Matthat Matthew Matthew, Gospel according to Matthew, Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel Of Matthew, Theology of Matthias Mattithiah Mattock Maul Mauzzim Maw Mazitias Mazzaloth Mazzaroth Mazzebah Meadow Meah Meal Meal Offering Meals Meals, Meal-Time Mean Meani Mearah Measure Measure; Measures Measures Measuring Line Measuring Reed Meat Meat-offering Meat offering Meat Offering Mebunnai Mebunna-i Mecherath Mecherathite Mecherathite, The Meconah Medaba Medad Medan Mede Medeba Medes Medes, Media Media Median Median, The Mediation; Mediator Mediator Mediator, Mediation Medicine Meditation Mediterranean Sea Medium Meeda Meedda Meek Meekness Meet Megiddo Megiddo; Megiddon Megiddon Mehetabeel Mehetabel Mehetabel; Mehetabeel Mehetable-el Mehida Mehir Meholathite Meholathite, The Mehujael Mehuman Mehunim Mehunims Mehunims, The Mejarkon Me-jarkon Me-Jarkon Mekonah Melatiah Melchi Melchiah Melchias Melchiel Melchisedec Melchishua Melchi-shua Melchizedek Melchizedek; Melchisedec Melea Melech Melicu Melita Mellicu Melody Melons Melzar Mem Member Memeroth Memmius, Quintus Memorial Memorial; Memory Memorial Offering Memphis Memucan Menahem Menan Mene Menelaus Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin Menestheus Meni Menna Menstealers Menuhah Menuhoth Meonenim Meonenim, Oak Of Meonothai Meonotha-i Mephaath Mepha-ath Mephibosheth Merab Meraiah Meraioth Meran Merarath Merari Merari, Merarites Merarites Merathaim Merchandise Merchant Merchant; Merchantman Mercurius Mercury Mercury; Mercurius Mercy Mercy; Merciful Mercy-seat Mercy-Seat, The Mered Meremoth Meres Meribah Meribath-Kadesh; Meriboth-Kadesh Meribba-a Meribbaal Merib-baal Merib-Baal Merodach Merodach-baladan Merodach-Baladan Merom Merom, Waters Of Meronothite Meronothithe, The Meroz Merran Meruth Mesaloth Mesech Mesech, Meshech Mesha Meshach Meshech Meshech; Mesech Meshelemiah Meshezabe-el Meshezabel Meshezaheel Meshillamith Meshillemith Meshillemoth Meshobab Meshullam Meshullemeth Mesobaite Mesoba-ite, The Mesopotamia Mess Messenger Messiah Messias Metal Metallurgy Metals Metal Working Mete Meterus Meteyard Metheg-ammah Metheg-Ammah Methusael Methusaleh Methuselah Methushael Meunim Meuzai Meuzal Mezahab Me-Zahab Mezarim Mezobaite Miamin Mibhar Mibsam Mibzar Mica Micah Micah, Book of Micah, The book of Micah, Theology of Micaiah Mice Micha Michael Michah Michaiah Michal Micha; Michah Micheas; Michaeas Michmach Michmas Michmash Michmethah Michri Michtam Micron Midday Middin Middle Wall Midian Midianite Midianitish, Woman Midian; Midianites Midnight Midrash Midwife Migdal-Edar Migdal-Eder Migdalel Migdal-el Migdal-El Migdalgad Migdal-gad Migdal-Gad Migdol Might Migron Mijamin Mikloth Mikneiah Milaiai Milalai Milcah Milch Milcom Mildew Mile Miletum Miletus Milk Mill Millennium Millennium, Postmillennial View Millennium, Premillennial View Millet Mill; Millstone Millo Millo, The house of Millstone Mina Mincing Mind Mind/Reason Mine Mine; Mining Minerals Mines, Mining Mingle Mingled People; (Mixed Multitude) Miniamin Minish Minister Ministration Ministry Ministry, Minister Minneiah Minni Minnith Minstrel Mint Miphkad Miphkad; Gate Of Miracle Miracles Miracles, Gift Of Mirage Mire Miriam Mirma Mirmah Mirror Mirth Miry Misael Misaias Mischief Misdeem Misgab Mishael Mishal Misham Misheal Mishma Mishmannah Mishna Mishneh Mishor Mishraites Mishraites, The Mispar Mispereth Misrephoth-maim Misrephoth-Maim Mission Mist Mistress Mite Mithcah Mithkah Mithnite Mithnite, The Mithradates Mithredath Mitre Mitylene Mixed multitude Mixed, Multitude Mizar Mizar, The Hill Mizpah Mizpah; Mizpeh Mizpar Mizpeh Mizraim Mizra-im Mizzah Mnason Moab Moabite Moabitess Moabite Stone Moabite Stone, The Moab; Moabites Moadiah Mo-adiah Mochmur, The Brook Mock; Mocker; Mocking Modad, Book Of Eldad And Moderately Moderation Modin Moeth Moladah Mole Molech Molech, Moloch Molech; Moloch Moli Molid Mollify Moloch Molten, Image Molten Sea Momdis Moment Money Money-changer Money-changers Money-Changers Money, Current Money, Love Of Money, Sin Monster Month Monthly; Prognosticators Monument Mooli Moon Moon, New Moon, New, Festival of Moossias Moph Morality Morashtite Morasthite, The Mordecai Mordeca-i Moreh Moreh, Hill Of Moreh, Oak Of Moreh, the Hill of Moresheth-gath Moresheth-Gath Moriah Moriah, Land Of Morning Morning Watch Morning, Wings Of Morrow Morrow After The Sabbath Morrow, Tomorrow Morsel Mortality Mortal; Mortality Mortar Mortgage Mortify Mosera Moserah Moseroth Moses Moses, Assumption Of Moses, Song Of Moses, The Man of God Mosollamon Mosollamus Most High Most High, Most Holy Mote Moth Mother Mother-In-Law Motion Motives Mouldy Mound Mount Mountain of the Amorites Mount Ephraim Mount, Mountain Mount; Mountain Mount of beatitudes Mount Of Congregation, The Mount of corruption Mount Of Corruption Mount Of Olives Mount of the Amalekites Mount Of The Amalekites Mount of the Amorites Mount Of The Amorites Mount of the congregation Mount of the valley Mount Of The Valley Mourn Mourning Mouse Mouse; Mice Mouth Mowing Mowing; Mown Grass Moza Mozah Muaz Muffler Mufflers Mulberry Mulberry; Trees Mulbury trees Mulcted Mule Multitude; Mixed Munition Muppim Murder Murderers Murmuring Murmur; Murmurings Murrain Muse; Musing Mushi Music Musical Instruments Musical instruments of the Hebrews Musician, Chief Musician; Chief Music, Instrumental Mustard Muster Muth-labben Muth-Labben Mutilation Mutter Muzzle Myndus Myra Myrrh Myrtle Mysia Mystery Myth Mythology Maccabees, Books of the The Mole