Meronothite [H]

a name given to Jehdeiah, the herdsman of the royal asses in the time of David and Solomon ( 1 Chronicles 27:30 ), probably as one being a native of some unknown town called Meronoth.

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Meronothite [E]

my singing; rejoicing; bearing rule
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me-ron'-thit, me-ro'-no-thit (meronothi, root meaning "fertility"):

The designation of two persons in the Old Testament:

(1) Jehdeiah, who was in charge of the royal asses under David (1 Chronicles 27:30).

(2) Jadon who was among the repairers of the wall under Nehemiah (Nehemiah 3:7). No place of the name Meronoth can be identified. That Jadon worked on the wall near Gibeonites and Mizpahites affords no clear clue to the place, unless it be shown that there was some geographical rota in the wall repairers.

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