( 2 Samuel 12:30 , Heb., RSV, "their king;" Jeremiah 49:1 Jeremiah 49:3 , RSV; Zephaniah 1:5 ), the national idol of the Ammonites. When Rabbah was taken by David, the crown of this idol was among the spoils. The weight is said to have been "a talent of gold" (above 100 lbs.). The expression probably denotes its value rather than its weight. It was adorned with precious stones.

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mal'-kam (malkam, "their king"; the King James Version Maleham):

(1) A chief of the Benjamites, son of Shaharaim (1 Chronicles 8:9).

(2) The name of an idol as well as the possessive pronominal form of melekh, "king" (2 Samuel 12:30 the Revised Version margin; Jeremiah 49:1,3 Septuagint Melchol); Zec 1:5). In Amos 1:15 it appears to be best translated "their king," as in both the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American). Only a careful examination of the context can determine whether the word is the proper name of the idol (Moloch) or the 3rd personal possessive pronoun for king. The idol is also spelt "Milcom" and "Molech."

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