Zechariah 1 TNIV

A Call to Return to the LORD

1 In the eighth month of the second year of Darius,1 the word of the LORD came to the prophet Zechariah2 son of Berekiah,3 the son of Iddo:4

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2 "The LORD was very angry5 with your ancestors.

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3 Therefore tell the people: This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Return6 to me,' declares the LORD Almighty, 'and I will return to you,'7 says the LORD Almighty.

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4 Do not be like your ancestors,8 to whom the earlier prophets9 proclaimed: This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Turn from your evil ways10 and your evil practices.' But they would not listen or pay attention to me,11 declares the LORD.12

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5 Where are your ancestors now? And the prophets, do they live forever?
6 But did not my words13 and my decrees, which I commanded my servants the prophets, overtake your ancestors?14 "Then they repented and said, 'The LORD Almighty has done to us what our ways and practices deserve,15 just as he determined to do.' "16

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The Man Among the Myrtle Trees

7 On the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month, the month of Shebat, in the second year of Darius, the word of the LORD came to the prophet Zechariah son of Berekiah, the son of Iddo.17

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    • 17 1:7 - S ver 1
      8 During the night I had a vision, and there before me was a man mounted on a red18 horse. He was standing among the myrtle trees in a ravine. Behind him were red, brown and white horses.19

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      9 I asked, "What are these, my lord?" The angel20 who was talking with me answered, "I will show you what they are."21

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      10 Then the man standing among the myrtle trees explained, "They are the ones the LORD has sent to go throughout the earth."22

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      11 And they reported to the angel of the LORD 23 who was standing among the myrtle trees, "We have gone throughout the earth and found the whole world at rest and in peace."24

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      12 Then the angel of the LORD said, "LORD Almighty, how long25 will you withhold mercy26 from Jerusalem and from the towns of Judah,27 which you have been angry with these seventy28 years?"

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      13 So the LORD spoke29 kind and comforting words30 to the angel who talked with me.31

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      14 Then the angel who was speaking to me said, "Proclaim this word: This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'I am very jealous32 for Jerusalem and Zion,

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      15 and I am very angry with the nations that feel secure.33 I was only a little angry,34 but they added to the calamity.'35

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      16 "Therefore, this is what the LORD says: 'I will return36 to Jerusalem with mercy, and there my house will be rebuilt. And the measuring line37 will be stretched out over Jerusalem,' declares the LORD Almighty.38

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      17 "Proclaim further: This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'My towns will again overflow with prosperity, and the LORD will again comfort39 Zion and choose40 Jerusalem.' "41

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      Four Horns and Four Craftsmen

      18 Then I looked up, and there before me were four horns.

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          19 I asked the angel who was speaking to me, "What are these?" He answered me, "These are the horns42 that scattered Judah, Israel and Jerusalem."

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          20 Then the LORD showed me four craftsmen.
          21 I asked, "What are these coming to do?" He answered, "These are the horns that scattered Judah so its people could not raise their heads, but the craftsmen have come to terrify them and throw down these horns of the nations who lifted up their horns43 against the land of Judah to scatter its people."44

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