1 Chronicles 2:24

24 After Hezron died in Caleb Ephrathah, Abijah the wife of Hezron bore him Ashhur the fathera of Tekoa.

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And after that Hezron was dead in Calebephratah, then Abiah Hezron's wife bare him Ashur the father of Tekoa.
After the death of Hezron, Caleb went in to Ephrathah, the wife of Hezron his father, and she bore him Ashhur, the father of Tekoa.
Soon after Hezron died in the town of Caleb-ephrathah, his wife Abijah gave birth to a son named Ashhur (the father of Tekoa).

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
1 Chronicles 2:24

And after that Hezron was dead in Calebephratah
Supposed to be the same with Bethlehem; and was so called, both from Caleb the son of Hezron, and Ephrath his wife, ( 1 Chronicles 2:19 ) ,

then Abiah, Hezron's wife, bare him Ashur the father of Tekoa;
being left with child by him at his death; the whole verse is paraphrased thus in the Targum,

``and after Hezron died in the house of Caleb his son in Ephrath, the wife of Hezron the daughter of Machir was left with child, and she bare to him after his death Ashur the prince of the Tekoites;''

whose son gave name very probably to the city of Tekoa, ( 2 Samuel 14:2 ) .
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