Salmos 148:4

4 Louvai-o, céus dos céus, e as águas que estão sobre os céus!

Salmos 148:4 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 148:4

Praise him, ye heaven of heavens
All the heavens, the airy and starry heavens; and the third heaven, the residence of God, angels and saints: these are made by the Lord, and declare the glory of his power, wisdom, and goodness, and show forth his handiwork, ( Psalms 19:1 ) . A voice was heard from heaven, praising Jehovah the Son, when on earth in our nature; a cloud of the lower heavens received him when he went from hence, and in the clouds thereof he will come again: the highest heavens opened to receive him, and will retain him until the restitution of all things; and from hence he will descend to judge the world in righteousness, ( Matthew 3:16 ) ( 17:5 ) ( Acts 1:9 ) ( 3:21 ) ( Revelation 1:7 ) ;

and ye waters that [be] above the heavens;
divided by the firmament from the waters below; and are no other than the thick clouds, in which the waters are bound up, and not rent, but at the pleasure of God, ( Genesis 1:7 ) ( Job 26:9 ) ; so Seneca F4 calls the clouds the celestial waters. And these give men occasion to praise the Lord, that those vast bodies of water that are over their heads are not let down in such large quantities upon them as would destroy them; and that are carried about from place to place, and let down and gentle showers, to water and refresh the earth, and make it fruitful, so that it brings forth food for man and beast. The Targum is,

``ye waters, that by the Word (of the Lord) hang above the heavens;''

in which is displayed the glory of amazing power, wisdom, and goodness. The most ancient Syrians and Arabians were thoroughly persuaded, that beyond the bounds of the visible heavens there was a great sea, without any limits; which some F5 suppose to be the waters here meant.


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Salmos 148:4 In-Context

2 Louvai-o, todos os seus anjos; louvai-o, todas as suas hostes!
3 Louvai-o, sol e lua; louvai-o, todas as estrelas luzentes!
4 Louvai-o, céus dos céus, e as águas que estão sobre os céus!
5 Louvem eles o nome do Senhor; pois ele deu ordem, e logo foram criados.
6 Também ele os estabeleceu para todo sempre; e lhes fixou um limite que nenhum deles ultrapassará.
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