Acts 28:30

30 And he abode two whole years in his own hired dwelling, and received all that went in unto him,

Acts 28:30 Meaning and Commentary

Acts 28:30

And Paul dwelt two whole years in his own hired house
In a house which he hired with his own money; in which his friends Luke, Aristarchus, and others, dwelt with him; where he was guarded by a soldier: whether at the expiration of these two years he was set at liberty, and for ten years afterwards travelled into Italy, France, and Spain, preaching the Gospel, as some think; or whether he then suffered martyrdom, is not certain; the latter is most probable:

and received all that came in unto him;
there, as the Syriac version reads, that is, into his lodging, as the Ethiopic version expresses it; which is not to be understood of his hospitality, for it cannot be thought that he should provide food and lodging for all that came unto him; but that be admitted all that would to come and hear him, and freely preached the Gospel to them: it should seem by this, as well as by what is said ( Acts 28:23 ) ; that many of the Jews came into his lodging, and heard him expound, that it was a large house he had hired and dwelt in; and such an one Jerom F25 thinks it was, like that he supposes he would have Philemon provide for him, which he desires in his epistle to him, ( Philemon 22 ) ; namely, a house in the most noted place in the city, for the conveniency of those that came to him; large enough to hold many; free from noise and disturbance; and not situated in a scandalous neighbourhood, nor near to shows and plays; and that the lodging should rather be on the floor than in an upper room: and such a house, with all the conditions that Jerom mentions, the Papists pretend to show at Rome to this day; where, as their tradition is, Luke composed, or however finished this his history; which, as the above writer observes F26, reaches to the two years of Paul's stay at Rome; that is, until the fourth year of Nero; from whence, adds he, we learn that in the same city this book was composed: and it is certain, that Luke was with him, when the apostle wrote his second epistle to Timothy from Rome, and when the time of his martyrdom seemed to himself to be at hand, ( 2 Timothy 4:7 2 Timothy 4:11 ) .


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28 Be it known therefore unto you, that this salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles: they will also hear.
29 [And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, having much disputing among themselves.]
30 And he abode two whole years in his own hired dwelling, and received all that went in unto him,
31 preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching the things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness, none forbidding him.
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