Job 39:29

29 From thence she spieth out the prey; Her eyes behold it afar off.

Job 39:29 Meaning and Commentary

Job 39:29

From thence she seeketh the prey
From the high rock; from whence she can look down into valleys, and even into the sea; and spy what is for her purpose, and descend and seize upon them; as lambs, fawns, geese, shellfish though they may lie in the most hidden and secret places. Wherefore in the original text it is, "she diggeth the prey or food" F19; as treasure hid in secret is dug or diligently searched for; and for which she is qualified by the sharpness of her sight, as follows:

[and] her eyes behold afar off;
from the high rocks and higher clouds, even from the high sky, as Aelianus F20 expresses it; and who observes that she is the most sharp sighted of all birds; and so, Homer F21 says, some affirm.


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Job 39:29 In-Context

27 Is it at thy command that the eagle mounteth up, And maketh her nest on high?
28 On the cliff she dwelleth, and maketh her home, Upon the point of the cliff, and the stronghold.
29 From thence she spieth out the prey; Her eyes behold it afar off.
30 Her young ones also suck up blood: And where the slain are, there is she.
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