Lianna Davis

Lianna Davis is author of Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude and Made for a Different Land: Eternal Hope for Baby Loss. She and her husband, Tyler, live outside of Dallas, Texas and have two dear daughters.

He Who Has No Money, Come and Buy

The theme of thirst, or neediness, is reiterated in Isaiah 55:1: come, he who has no money. We come with pockets empty; we come without way to pay for the help we need. We see that our hearts are desperately wicked—that we cannot tame them ourselves, that our only hope is a power outside of ourselves. We come with no money, but when we come in that manner, we find that we are gifted the right to buy!

We Should Worship Jesus as the One Man

To only one man are we to submit our lives without exception because only one man’s obedience could yield righteousness for any who choose to believe: “by the one man’s obedience the many will be made righteous” (Romans 5:19). Only one man deserves our unquestioning concurrence and unqualified trust, because only one deserves to define for us what life is to consist in and be.

God Is Praised through Shouts of Joy

Think of God’s kindness to provide for His children in the ways that suits us, personally. Consider that His eyes are on us who believe; He knows the concerns and fears that proceed from our individual hearts (Psalm 34:15, Psalm 33:18). And have wonder in the ways that God has done more in your life—such that you might know His exceeding love—than you would have conceived to ask for yourself (Ephesians 3:20).

God Instructs Sinners in the Way We Should Go

Unaddressed sins permeate life; the sins of youth become the sins of this day—until we meet the Lord in them. Good and upright is the Lord, we can meet Him and be instructed. He leads us out of entwining lies to Himself.

What Makes the Christian's Burden Light?

We are to learn of Christ, who is meek in suffering. He is the one who did not demand His due honor. He is the one who set aside glory so that He could give salvation to us. A cross was His crown! It was through the pathway of lowliness and sacrifice that Christ received exaltation and the prize of His blood-bought people. So, we are called to follow His pattern.

How God Strengthens the Human Heart

In Paul’s concern for these believers, he exemplifies for them what gives him courage as an apostle and member of Christ’s temple. He builds them up in the way of spiritual strength through a prayer about the saints’ shared love of God and oneness in Christ (Ephesians 2:15).

Why Must We Fix Our Eyes on the Lord?

We must not view positivity or personal aims as the ultimate correctives for our life’s visions. No, the joy and endurance we all equally require for the course of this life has been defined by Scripture as God Himself and His ways — and all that flows from Him alone.

How Can We Hallow God's Name?

The Lord's Prayer begins with this request: "Hallowed be Thy name." This hallowing of God is essential to our worship of Him.

Does Theological Tradition Matter for Bible Reading?

I sat across from my grandfather holding only my protests as he tottered in my mind between being biblical and unbiblical on this point of tradition. Yet, by the end of our meeting, I had shifted, seeing a need to slow my Millennial mind’s propensity toward forming snap judgments. Could I be persuadable, if offered a more biblical case than my own?

6 Reminders of Who God Is from the Book of Exodus

As God sets out upon initiating His plan to rescue the Israelites from slavery, we can note at least six facets of His character and of His work with regard to Moses, who was selected to lead this deliverance. Examining principles from God’s calling of Moses of how He interacted with His people can help us understand God better.

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