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Lianna Davis

Lianna Davis is author of Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude and Made for a Different Land: Eternal Hope for Baby Loss. She and her husband, Tyler, live outside of Dallas, Texas and have two dear daughters.

How Can We Better See Jesus’ Faithfulness in Our Lives?

God is a Person we relate with in prayer. We speak and He moves in us and in our lives. We extend our hearts to Him, and He extends His. What a faithful God! He honors that we need guidance in this world. He honors that we need His help, His love, His reassurance, and more.

Regularly Taste and See That God Is Good

How does it “taste” to be so forgiven? It tastes glorious, peaceful, uplifting, emboldening. It tastes good. I believe that our inner spirits regularly need the boost of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good, especially because we live in a fallen world.

Jesus Reigns, and We Will Reign with Him

We are co-heirs with Christ, so we will reign with Christ. This is a significant aspect of the believer’s eternal hope. We can find rest in it. We will be fulfilled thorough the good work that God will allow us to do in all eternity, without any toil associated with that work.

What to Do When We Feel God Is Gone

He is highly honored when we choose to trust and follow Him, even when it seems like He has gone. Surely and truly, He has not left or forsaken us, but He will pull us along, that we might know Him better. We draw near to God, and He will draw near to us.

The Nearness of God in Our Waiting

We are also in a phase of imminent arrival of our dearest wishes and dreams coming true. Birth pangs of the world mean that the resolution to the hard matters of our lives will indeed come quickly. So, we need not focus on the pain, if at all possible. We can focus on the joy that is uniquely given to us through the Holy Spirit. And we can trust that all will be well soon.

He Is Willing to Help You Rest and Run

We can fix our eyes on the beautiful image of Jesus we have in the Scriptures and tune our ears to His loving words toward us. Jesus will be glorified in His children. And He is highly glorified when we believe this love, this grace, this mercy — that these are real and never run dry.

How Shall the Righteous Shall Live by Faith?

This Christian walk is for daily faith. I love how this verse says we live: the righteous shall live by faith (Romans 1:17). And we do. Life is by faith. Righteousness is by faith, and life in the righteousness of Christ is good.

Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness in Relationships

Will you consider what it would mean to treat everyone in your life like Jesus has treated you? I wouldn’t consider that I am worthy of the kind of consideration that I wish were mine. Instead, I would consider others more highly than myself always.

Seeing Our Fairest Lord Jesus, the Person

Consider that He saved you from your sins because He wants you. Simple, right? But true. He wants you – you the person – for Himself. It’s a sweet and marvelous reality. He wants to know you and be known by you. He loves you the person. And we love Him, the Person.

What Is the Best Way to Help Each Other Rise?

One’s approach to helping another person can influence whether the weaker person rises versus feels diminished—whether the weaker moves forward versus becomes stagnant.

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