Yes, God Will Be Glorified

Yes, God Will Be Glorified

God is the great ruler of the universe, and part of what that means is that He will be glorified by His people and by His creation. He has made us, He ordains praise from us, and He simply will be glorified. Let us turn our minds to that reality, asking God that we might learn to give Him the thanks and praise that He does deserve from us.

I think about their steps of faith to leave home and country. I think about the testimonies before kings and princes of the world. I think about the determination of very many to praise God through the most difficult times of human suffering. Even if He doesn’t bring these kinds of circumstances into our lives, we can still have deep commitment and thank Him for the cloud of witnesses surrounding us all.

God will be glorified through the broad testimony of His people to His greatness, stamped like the stars in the heavens — praise to Him through bold choices for Him.

Jesus has saved us, and we will praise Him no matter what. He has made us a peculiar people who would indeed be most pitied in the world if this salvation — if He — were not all true. But it is. And He is. And so, we praise again and again as we realize He is in control of our lives and comforting us in all seasons and times. He is leading us home to our eternal abode. Indeed, He will be glorified.

On this topic of glorifying God, are you stuck right now? Are you in a place of stagnation in terms of your Christian growth? Perhaps God continues the work in you, right where you’re at, because He has not yet received the glory from your life that He desires and deserves.

Perhaps there is more that He wants in His pruning or leading of you. Perhaps there is a fruit you have yet to taste that He wants to yield. Will you ask God what glory He is preparing from your life right now? This question could be the very key to understanding why you are where you are. Yes, this circumstance of stagnation will also work together for your good. And also, mark this, it will work out for His glory!

God will be glorified even when we are stagnant, even when He seems distant — He will reap the praise from your life that He has ordained.

As we attune ourselves to our true humble positions in the world, i.e. “What is man that you are mindful of us?,” we grow to love the glory of God. We grow to be thankful for the glory of God. We grow to be honored that He would want His glory to surface through our leveled lives. May it be so.

Who are we that we might bring Him this glory? But this is what God does.

God will be glorified through weak, feeble, stumbling, questioning, Christians — and He is making us strong, stout, sturdy, and faithful through the difficult circumstances of our lives, for the sake of our good and His glory.

May we truly love the glory of God and see that His glory in us is our good. For through this, our ties with the almighty One are strengthened. We are more deeply assured that we are His children, and that He will never leave or forsake us because He has stayed at all times, tying His glory to our ultimate redemption.

May we turn our hearts to Jesus and His reputation and glory in our lives. Jesus. Such power, strength, purpose, and magnificence — and yes, glory — is in that Name.

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Lianna Davis is author of Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude and Made for a Different Land: Eternal Hope for Baby Loss. She and her husband, Tyler, live outside of Dallas, Texas and have two dear daughters.