This weekend, my husband and I will go and fulfill a lifelong dream of mine to pet and hold a baby deer. Although many people prefer to hunt and eat them, I love to watch and admire these graceful creatures.

So many people have questions about the existence of God. There are some beautiful Bible verses about looking around us at the creation of the Lord and learning from nature about His glory.

Although we do not understand what animals are saying, this verse in Job is intriguing, saying that if we were to communicate with them, they would tell us of the glory of the Lord. This means that birds are singing His praises, cheetahs are running for His glory, monkeys are climbing for His praise, and dolphins are swimming for His name. Not only are the animals worshipping their Creator by their existence, the earth can teach us about our Maker. Job shares that every animal created knows that it was made by God. He is the one who breathes life into all living things.

Not only are the animals worshiping the Lord, but the terrain He has crafted so perfectly honors Him. This psalm points out that the grandest of mountains and the deepest of oceans are His. Even the dry desert lands are in His control. He is over all the earth. Each place glorifies Him with each unique beauty and structure.

Isaiah brings up the point that when we look up and we see the skies above, in their vastness, we see the handprints of God. Whether this be a great rainstorm, a clear blue sky, or a full, vibrant rainbow, we see artistic beauty above. We read of the starry hosts that the Lord knows by name. Not one is missing.