As I was doing my Bible reading for the day, I was astounded by the power and weight of the gospel presented in the pages of a minor prophet’s book. Yes, if we look within every book of the Bible, we can see a thread of the gospel message, but this one is very loud and clear. Maybe you have heard about Jesus a million times, you’ve quoted John 3:16, you’ve been to every Christmas and Easter service, and you know what Jesus did for you. Well, today let this passage soak deep into your heart in a fresh way as we unpack the life-changing message of Zechariah 3:1-5.

Zechariah was a prophet during the time when the people of God just returned to Jerusalem after their exile in Babylon. The Jews had sought many years after idols and had countless evil kings who did not honor the Lord. After so many years of this, God released them to their enemies and gave them over as captives. A man named Joshua was the new high priest and the temple was being rebuilt.

Zechariah’s name in Hebrew literally means, “Yahweh remembers.” It is a stunning picture knowing that our God never actually forgets, but often in the Bible there will be a phrase such as, “God remembered…” This simply means that the Lord was getting ready to act. After the many years of captivity, the Lord had delivered His people and was showing great mercy to give them back the land which He promised.