Trust in the Unchanging Power of God

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Trust in the Unchanging Power of God

“I have a right to be angry.”

Modern-day trust in the unchaining power of God is a product of our faith in who He is. God desires a relationship with us. Some of the attributes of God are a mystery, beyond our human capability to understand, but He is not far off. He is here, right now, with us. With you. Through Christ Jesus, we have a way to come to Him. Into the presence of our powerful God, and just be with Him through conversation, prayer, silence, admiration of the landscape of His creation or enjoying the other people He created.

All things and everyone are rooted in the LORD. His power flows through us who are in Christ Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. We, in Him, are powerful. In our everyday lives, we have the choice to live by what we feel we have a right to, or by the power of the living God living in us. “We live in a fallen world, and so it is easy to be fearful. Change is ever present, and not every change is positive. If we trust in Christ, however, we have no reason to be afraid,” Ligonier Ministries explains. “We are relying on the One who is incapable of changing and who will never allow His promises to fail. When we are fearful, let us remember that God and His goodness to us are unchanging; thus, we are ever secure in Him.”

Life can be overwhelming. We are promised it won’t be easy, especially when we choose to follow Christ. Our days don’t turn into rainbows, butterflies and fields of flowers when we give our lives to Christ Jesus. But the joy we receive is akin to it, even during the subzero blizzards of winter and the thunderstorms which blast through our horizons.

Strength is rooted in remembering the power of God in us. We are never alone. We don’t have a right to react in anger because we are children of the One True God, who gives us the power to act differently, in a way which leads to a peace-filled, prosperous life by God’s terms. Lean into the power of God, daily, and you will see and experience His peace, His love which surpasses all understanding. We do not exist to get our way, but to walk in His will for our lives. Life, to the full, as Jesus died to give us.

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