If you find that you often miss your Bible reading time, then you may want to start treating it as an important appointment. In fact, that's exactly what spending time in God's Word is.

Instead of just trying to work study time in, many people benefit from making it a point to schedule a specific time. They treat it as they would other appointments. For example, they add it to their calendars and block off the time as "busy." That way, they don't schedule something else.

With smart phones, making an appointment and keeping track of it is even easier. You'll get a handy alert to let you know when your Bible study time arrives. You can even use your smart phone to click over to our mobile site or iPhone app [iTunes link] for your reading. It's easy.

If you're not sure where to start, try one of our daily reading plans. We'll even email it to you for an added reminder that you have a very important appointment.