As you make your way through a Bible reading plan or reading on your own, sometimes you may need to slow down and go a bit deeper. You can do that by focusing in on a few key verses.

Reading the Bible isn’t just a matter of checking something off your list. It’s really about letting God’s Word transform you. As some have said, the Bible reads you as you read it.

While studying, you may find that some verses seem to “pop out” at you. Perhaps this is because of a situation you’re going through or because you’ve heard the verse before. Whatever the reason, make it a point to keep track of the verses that stand out. (Our My Bible makes this easy by keeping track of which verses you highlight or make notes on.)

Later, when you have the chance, pull up the verses that you noted. Read them carefully a few times and note what God may be saying to you through them. Reflect on your own life and how these verses may be calling you to change or how they’re encouraging you. You may even want to memorize one or two of them or write them down on a piece of paper to carry with you.

In other words, let these verses soak in. See how they transform you.