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How to Study the Book of Acts: 4 Practical Tips

24 Jul
How to Study the Book of Acts: 4 Practical Tips

The Bible Book of Acts comes at a special time in the Gospel story of Jesus Christ. Acts is one of the larger books of the Bible that contains many special insights and faith inspirations. But, have you ever felt like having a little guidance in your Bible reading would help you learn and understand more than you currently do?

Or maybe you heard an idea presented in a sermon and thought to yourself, “How on earth could I have missed that?!”

Learning and observing themes in certain books of the Bible can have a tremendous effect on your understanding of the book and whole Bible story.

The book of Acts contains wonderful Bible stories and there are some unique things to watch out for as you read.

In Acts, Christ had just risen from the dead, ascended into heaven, and given the apostles the Great Commission. How do the disciples combine their experience of the risen Christ, the Old Testament prophecies about Christ, and the call to make disciples of all nations? Let's dive into 4 ways you can dig deeper into Acts through specific study tips.

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