Psalm 140

For the music leader. A psalm of David.

1 Rescue me from evil people, LORD! Guard me from violent people
2 who plot evil things in their hearts, who pick fights every single day!
3 They sharpen their tongues like a snake's; spider poison is on their lips. Selah
4 Protect me from the power of the wicked, LORD! Guard me from violent people who plot to trip me up!
5 Arrogant people have laid a trap for me with ropes. They've spread out a net alongside the road. They've set snares for me. Selah
6 I tell the LORD, "You are my God! Listen to my request for mercy, LORD!"
7 My LORD God, my strong saving help— you've protected my head on the day of battle.
8 LORD, don't give the wicked what they want! Don't allow their plans to succeed, or they'll exalt themselves even more! Selah
9 Let the heads of the people surrounding me be covered with the trouble their own lips caused!
10 Let burning coals fall on them! Let them fall into deep pits and never get out again!
11 Let no slanderer be safe in the land. Let calamity hunt down violent people—and quickly!
12 I know that the LORD will take up the case of the poor and will do what is right for the needy.
13 Yes, the righteous will give thanks to your name, and those who do right will live in your presence.