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Psalm 73


(Psalms 73–89)

Psalm 73

A psalm of Asaph.

1 Truly God is good to Israel, to those who are have a pure heart.
2 But me? My feet had almost stumbled; my steps had nearly slipped
3 because I envied the arrogant; I observed how the wicked are well off:
4 They suffer no pain; their bodies are fit and strong.
5 They are never in trouble; they aren't weighed down like other people.
6 That's why they wear arrogance like a necklace, why violence covers them like clothes.
7 Their eyes bulge out from eating so well; their hearts overflow with delusions.
8 They scoff and talk so cruel; from their privileged positions they plan oppression.
9 Their mouths dare to speak against heaven! Their tongues roam the earth!
10 That's why people keep going back to them, keep approving what they say.
11 And what they say is this: "How could God possibly know! Does the Most High know anything at all!"
12 Look at these wicked ones, always relaxed, piling up the wealth!
13 Meanwhile, I've kept my heart pure for no good reason; I've washed my hands to stay innocent for nothing.
14 I'm weighed down all day long. I'm punished every morning.
15 If I said, "I will talk about all this," I would have been unfaithful to your children.
16 But when I tried to understand these things, it just seemed like hard work
17 until I entered God's sanctuary and understood what would happen to the wicked.
18 You will definitely put them on a slippery path; you will make them fall into ruin!
19 How quickly they are devastated, utterly destroyed by terrors!
20 As quickly as a dream departs from someone waking up, my Lord, when you are stirred up, you make them disappear.
21 When my heart was bitter, when I was all cut up inside,
22 I was stupid and ignorant. I acted like nothing but an animal toward you.
23 But I was still always with you! You held my strong hand!
24 You have guided me with your advice; later you will receive me with glory.
25 Do I have anyone else in heaven? There's nothing on earth I desire except you.
26 My body and my heart fail, but God is my heart's rock and my share forever.
27 Look! Those far from you die; you annihilate all those who are unfaithful to you.
28 But me? It's good for me to be near God. I have taken my refuge in you, my LORD God, so I can talk all about your works!
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