Psalms 78:66

66 God beat back his foes; he made them an everlasting disgrace.

Psalms 78:66 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 78:66

And he smote his enemies in the hinder parts
Not the Israelites, as Kimchi interprets it, but the Philistines, who in another battle were put to flight, and turned their backs, and so were smitten in their hinder parts; or rather this has reference to the Philistines being smitten with haemorrhoids, or piles in their posteriors, while the ark was retained a captive by them, ( 1 Samuel 5:6 1 Samuel 5:12 ) , and so the Targum paraphrases it,

``and he smote them that troubled them with haemorrhoids in their posteriors;''

the Greek version, as quoted by Suidas F3, is, "he smote his enemies on the back parts of the seat"; signifying, he says, a disease, modestly expressed:

he put them to a perpetual reproach;
either by causing their idol Dagon to fall before his ark, and be broken upon the threshold of the house of the idol; in memory of which the priests ever after, nor any that came in thither, trod upon the threshold, ( 1 Samuel 5:3-5 ) , or rather through their sending golden images of their haemorrhoids, and golden mice along with the ark, which were reserved to their perpetual reproach: other instances of the Lord's regard to Israel follow, in providing a proper place for the ark, and appointing a suitable governor over the people.


F3 In voce (edra) .

Psalms 78:66 In-Context

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66 God beat back his foes; he made them an everlasting disgrace.
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