Psalms 78:70

70 And God chose David, his servant, taking him from the sheepfolds.

Psalms 78:70 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 78:70

He chose David also his servant
To be king of Israel, the youngest of his father's family, when he rejected all the rest; see ( 1 Samuel 16:6 1 Samuel 16:11 ) , an eminent type of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is called by his name, ( Psalms 89:3 Psalms 89:19 ) ( Ezekiel 34:23 ) ( 37:24 ) ( Hosea 3:5 ) and the signification of his name "Beloved" agrees with him, who is beloved of God, as his Son, and as man and Mediator; and beloved of men, of all the saints: and so likewise his character as a servant suits with him; who not only frequently has the name of a servant, ( Psalms 89:19 Psalms 89:20 ) ( Isaiah 42:1 ) ( Zechariah 3:8 ) , but appeared in the form of one, ( Philippians 2:7 ) , had the work of a servant to do, which he has accomplished, even the great work of our salvation, ( John 17:4 ) , in doing which, and all things leading on and appertaining to it, he took the utmost delight and pleasure, and used the greatest diligence and assiduity, ( John 4:34 ) ( 9:4 ) and justly acquired the character of a faithful and righteous servant, ( Isaiah 53:11 ) , and to this work and office he was chosen and called by his Father, ( Isaiah 42:1 ) ( 49:3 ) ,

and took him from the sheepfolds;
from whence he was fetched when Samuel was sent by the Lord to anoint him, ( 1 Samuel 16:11 ) , so Moses, while he was feeding his father's sheep, was called to be the saviour and deliverer of Israel, ( Exodus 3:1-10 ) , and Amos was taken from following the flock to be a prophet of the Lord, ( Amos 7:13 Amos 7:14 ) , and as David was a type of Christ, this may express the mean condition of our Lord, in his state of humiliation, previous to his exaltation, and the more open exercise of his kingly office.

Psalms 78:70 In-Context

68 Instead, he chose the tribe of Judah, the mountain of Zion, which he loves.
69 God built his sanctuary like the highest heaven and like the earth, which he established forever.
70 And God chose David, his servant, taking him from the sheepfolds.
71 God brought him from shepherding nursing ewes to shepherd his people Jacob, to shepherd his inheritance, Israel.
72 David shepherded them with a heart of integrity; he led them with the skill of his hands.