Psalm 101

Of David. A psalm.

1 Oh, let me sing about faithful love and justice! I want to sing my praises to you, LORD!
2 I want to study the way of integrity— how long before it gets here? I will walk with a heart of integrity in my own house.
3 I won't set my eyes on anything worthless. I hate wrongdoing; none of that will stick to me.
4 A corrupt heart will be far from me. I won't be familiar with evil.
5 I will destroy anyone who secretly tells lies about a neighbor. I can't stomach anyone who has proud eyes or an arrogant heart.
6 My eyes focus on those who are faithful in the land, to have them close to me. The person who walks without blame will work for me.
7 But the person who acts deceitfully won't stay in my house. The person who tells lies won't last for long before me.
8 Every morning I will destroy all those who are wicked in the land in order to eliminate all evildoers from the LORD's city.