Sirach 22

1 People who are afraid to act are like filthy stones; everyone will hiss at their dishonor.
2 People who are afraid to act are like clumps of cow manure; those who pick it up will shake off their hand.
3 An uneducated son is a disgrace to a father, and a daughter's birth is a liability.
4 A prudent daughter will get a husband of her own, and a daughter in disgrace is a grief to her parents.
5 A disrespectful daughter shames her father and her husband, and both will despise her.
6 Ill-timed talk is like party music during mourning, but a whipping and discipline are wisdom at any time.
9 Whoever teaches a fool is gluing together a broken pot or waking up someone out of a deep sleep.
10 Whoever talks with a fool converses with someone who is drowsy; when the conversation is over, the fool will say, "What is it?
11 Weep for the dead, for they have left the light behind; and weep for fools, for they have left understanding behind. Weep sweetly over the dead, because they are at rest, but the life of a fool is worse than death.
12 Mourn for the dead for seven days, but mourn for the foolish and the ungodly all the days of their lives.
13 Don't talk a lot with fools, and don't go to the unintelligent. Be on guard against them so that you don't have trouble and don't get dirty when they shake themselves off. Stay away from them and you will find rest, and their senselessness won't make you weary.
14 What's heavier than lead? And what name does it have but "Fool"?
15 Sand, salt, and a lump of iron are easier to bear than an unintelligent person.
16 A wooden beam fastened into a building won't be loosened by an earthquake. So a heart firmly set on thoughtful counsel won't be afraid at any time.
17 A heart fixed on thoughtful understanding is like an engraved ornament on a smooth wall.
18 A protective barrier set on a high place will never endure against the wind. So a timid heart backed up by a fool's plan will never endure against any fear.

Preserving friendship

19 Whoever pricks an eye will make tears flow, and whoever pricks a heart reveals its feelings.
20 Whoever throws a stone at birds scares them off, and whoever insults a friend breaks up a friendship.
21 If you draw a sword on a friend, don't despair, because there can be a way back.
22 If you speak harshly to a friend, don't be concerned, because there can be reconciliation. But in the case of reproach, arrogance, the revealing of a secret, or a treacherous blow, any friend will flee.
23 Gain your neighbors' trust while they are poor, so that when they are prosperous, you will be filled along with them. In a time of distress remain with them so that when they inherit, you will be a joint heir.
24 Before there's a fire, a furnace has vapor and smoke; so before bloodshed there are insults.
25 I won't be ashamed to shelter friends, and I won't hide from them.
26 And if something bad happens to me because of them, everyone who hears of it will be on guard against them.

Prayer for protection from sinning

27 Who will put a guard on my mouth and an effective seal upon my lips so that I don't fall because of my speech and so that my tongue doesn't destroy me?