Sirach 43

1 The pride of the heights is the clear heavenly vault, the appearance of the sky in a vision of glory.
2 The sun, when it appears, announces at its rising what an amazing thing it is, a work of the Most High.
3 At noon it dries up the land, and who can endure its burning heat?
4 A person blows on a furnace, working in its burning heat, but the sun is three times hotter when it burns up mountains. When it breathes out fiery vapors, and shines forth its rays, it blinds eyes.
5 Great is the Lord who made it; it speeds on its course by his command.
6 The moon stands at its proper time, a notification of times and an everlasting sign.
7 The sign for a feast comes from the moon, a luminous body that wanes when it completes its course.
8 The new moon shares the character of its name, increasing wonderfully as it changes, a signal on high for armies, shining in the vault of the sky.
9 The stars' glory is the sky's beauty, shining ornaments in the heights of the Lord.
10 They stand at the words of the holy one, just as he orders, and they will never grow tired as they keep watch.
11 Look at the rainbow, exceedingly beautiful in its brightness, and bless the one who made it.
12 It encircled the sky with a glorious ring; the Lord's hands stretched it out.
13 He drives the snow forward by his command, and he speeds the lightning bolts of his judgment on their way.
14 To this end, the storehouses are opened, and clouds fly out like birds.
15 In his might he subdues clouds, and stones are broken apart for hail.
16 and mountains will be shaken when he appears. The south wind blows by his will,
17 The sound of his thunder scolds the earth, as do storms from the north and whirlwinds. He sprinkles the snow like birds flying down, and its descent is like locusts alighting.
18 The eye marvels at its beautiful whiteness, and the heart is amazed at its showering down.
19 He pours frost, like salt, upon the earth, and when it freezes it has pointy thorns.
20 A cold north wind will blow, and ice will freeze on the water; it will settle on every pool of water, and the water will put it on like armor.
21 He will consume mountains, burn up the wilderness, and extinguish grass like a fire.
22 A mist hastens the healing of all things; the dew that appears will give relief from the heat.
23 By his calculations, he stilled the deep, and he planted islands in it.
24 Those who sail the sea describe its danger, and we are amazed at what we hear.
25 Incredible and amazing works are there, all sorts of living things, great sea monsters.
26 Because of him, each messenger succeeds, and all things hold together by his word.
27 We could say many things and never say enough. The final word is: The Lord is "the All."
28 Where will we find the strength to glorify him? For God is great beyond all his works.
29 The Lord is awesome and very great, and his power is marvelous.
30 Glorify the Lord, and exalt him as much as you can: he surpasses even that. Exalt him, increase your strength, and don't grow tired: you will never say enough.
31 Who has seen him and will describe him? Whose praises of him will match what he really is?
32 There are many hidden things greater than these, for we have seen only a few of his works.
33 The Lord made everything, and he gave wisdom to the godly.