Sirach 45

1 dearly loved by God and human beings— Moses, who is remembered with blessing.
2 The Lord made Moses' glory equal to that of the holy ones, and he made Moses great so that Moses' enemies would fear him.
3 By Moses' words, he brought signs to a halt; the Lord glorified Moses in the presence of kings. The Lord gave Moses commandments for his people, and he showed Moses his glory.
4 The Lord ordained Moses because of his faithfulness and gentleness; he chose him out of all human beings.
5 The Lord let Moses hear his voice; he led him into the deep darkness, and he gave Moses commandments face-to-face, an instruction for life, and knowledge to teach the covenant to Jacob and his laws to Israel.


6 The Lord exalted Aaron, a holy person like Moses, his brother from the tribe of Levi.
7 The Lord established an eternal covenant with him and gave him the priesthood of the people. He blessed Aaron with dignity, and wrapped him in a glorious cloak.
8 The Lord clothed him with unrivaled praise, and honored him with objects of power— leggings, a full-length robe, and the priestly vest.
9 He encircled Aaron with pomegranates, with a great number of gold bells all around, in order to create a sound when he stepped, to make a sound that would be heard in the temple, as a reminder for the children of the Lord's people.
10 He clothed Aaron with the priestly vest, with gold, blue, and purple, the work of an embroiderer, with the oracle of judgment for making the truth known;
11 with braided scarlet, the work of a craftsperson; with the precious stones of an engraved seal in a gold setting, the work of a jeweler, as a memorial in engraved writing according to the number of the tribes of Israel.
12 He set a gold crown upon his turban, carved with a sacred seal, an item worthy of praise, a work of strength, desirable objects to look at, richly adorned.
13 Before Aaron, such beautiful things had not existed. No stranger will ever wear them, but only his sons and his descendants for all time.
14 His sacrifices will be entirely burned up twice daily, for all time.
15 Moses ordained Aaron and anointed him with holy oil; it became an everlasting covenant for him and for his descendants for as long as heaven lasts, to minister to God, to be a priest at the same time, and to bless his people in his name.
16 Moses chose him out of all who were alive to offer fruitful sacrifices to the Lord, incense and a pleasing aroma as a remembrance, to secure reconciliation for the people.
17 By his commandments, the Lord gave him authority over covenants for judgment, to teach Jacob the testimonies, and to enlighten Israel with his Law.
18 Strangers conspired against Aaron, and they were jealous of him in the wilderness; those who were with Dathan and Abiram and the company of Korah assembled in anger and fury.
19 The Lord saw it and wasn't pleased, and they were destroyed in his furious anger; he performed wonders among them, consuming them in a blazing fire.
20 He added to Aaron's glory and gave him an inheritance; he gave him as his share the initial portion of the early produce; he prepared in abundance bread from the early produce.
21 They also will eat the sacrifices of the Lord, which he gave to him and to his descendants.
22 But he has no inheritance in the land of the people, and he has no portion among the people; for the Lord is your portion and inheritance.


23 Phinehas, Eleazar's son, comes third in glory, since he was on fire with the fear of the Lord, and since he stood firm when the people turned away, in the goodness and readiness of his spirit; thus he secured reconciliation for Israel.
24 Therefore, a covenant of peace was established with Phinehas, that he should preside over the holy places and over his people, so that he and his descendants might have the splendor of the priesthood forever.
25 The Lord also made a covenant with David, Jesse's son, from the tribe of Judah; the king's inheritance that passes from son to son only; Aaron's inheritance is also for his descendants.
26 May the Lord grant you peace in your heart, to judge his people justly, so that the good things they have might not vanish and so that their glory might extend to generations to come.