Sirach 9

Women and friends

1 Don't be jealous of your dearly loved wife or teach her a bad lesson that hurts you too.
2 Don't give yourself to a woman so that she crushes your strength.
3 Don't meet up with a female escort, since you might fall into her traps.
4 Don't hang around with a female musician, since you might get caught in her advances.
5 Don't stare at a young woman, since you might incur punishment for her. since you might lose your inheritance.
6 Don't give yourself to prostitutes,
7 Don't look around in the city streets, and don't wander in its deserted areas.
8 Turn your eye away from a shapely woman, and don't stare at beauty belonging to someone else. Many have gone astray because of a woman's beauty, and out of it affection flames up like a fire.
9 Don't ever sit with a married woman, and don't share meals or indulge in wine with her, since your soul might be attracted to her and you might slip into destruction because of your passion.
10 Don't abandon old friends, because newer ones are not their equals. New friends are like new wine; when wine ages, you will drink it with good cheer.
11 Don't envy the good reputation of sinners, since you don't know how sudden their end will be.
12 Don't delight in the success of the ungodly. Remember that they won't be considered righteous, even in the grave.
13 Keep far away from people who have the authority to kill, and you won't be worried by the fear of death. If you do approach them, don't make a mistake, or they might take away your life. Be aware that you are stepping among traps and that you are walking on the parapet of the city's walls.
14 As much as you can, investigate your neighbor and consult with wise people.
15 Converse with intelligent people, and talk constantly about the Law of the Most High.
16 Let righteous people be your dinner companions, and let your pride be in the fear of the Lord.

On rulers

17 A handicraft is praised because of the craftsperson's skill, and the one who leads a people is wise in speech.
18 Talkative people are feared in their city, and people who are reckless in speech will be hated.
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