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viii. 5 270

21 . . .

»-3-5 a°4

12 204, 219

25-28 241

23.24 5°

iii. 1 50

2-5 201, 217

3 216, 239

3-5 123.219

5-8 5«. 57.62

13. «4 40

lv. 14 52

22 142

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* xi. 25 190 f

xii. 21-32 257

» 27, 28 166

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*47-5° 8,11

xiii. 36 62

1 xiv. 5 62

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xv. 1 190 f

* 22-24 135

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"Historic Christ in the
Faith of To-day "... 308

James, W.—
« The Will to Believe" . 180

Jones, J. D.—

"Chairman's Address,"
Congregational Union 31

Orr, J.—
"Sin as a Problem of To-
day" 137


Christ (continued)

Authority of teaching of 11

His claim lor His teaching 4 f

Coming of 300 f

Necessity for the cross of. 250 f

The eternal 33

His claim concerning the

Kingdom 221

His conception of the

Kingdom 199 f

identified with man . . . 113
the manifestation of the

name of God 188 f

Method of 41 f

in salvation. Method of . 156

Mission of 39 f

Saving mission of ... . 157

Mystery of 42

His Person 3

in salvation. Purpose of 161 f

Revelation of 27 f

concerning salvation.

Claim of 150

the Sent of the Father . . 156

His consciousness of sin . 134

The Spirit and the work of 53 f

The temporal 35 f

the Word of God .... 28

Christ's reference to the . 264
in this age. Conflict of

the 282 f

and the Kingdom. The . 267 f
for the Kingdom. Re-
sponsibility of the . . . 275
responsibility. Fulfillment

of 275

Weapons of the .... 286 f


of Christ for His teaching 4 f
in relation to the Father.

Christ's 28

concerning Himself.

Christ's 28

concerning the Kingdom.

Christ's ....... 221

concerning men. Christ's 28
concerning salvation.

Christ's 150


The Spirit the 63 f


ofChriiL The .... 300 f

Purpose of Christ's second 305

of the Son of Man. The 30 2 f

of the Spirit . The ... 67 f


of the Kingdom. Christ's 199 f
of man. Christ's ... 114 f
of salvation. Christ's 150, 156


Sanctity of 192 f


of the Church in this age.

The 28a f

in the Kingdom . . 281 f

Nature of the Church's . 286 f

of sin. Christ's .... 134

Continuity —
of man's personality. The 120

Necessity for man's ... 123


of the second advent . . . 306


the entrance to the King-
dom. The 257

Necessity for Christ's . . 250 f

and the Kingdom. Rela-
tion between the . . . 249 f

Defilement —
of man's nature 123

Belief of N. T. writers in 106 f
Nature of 107


The 100 f

the evil one. The . . . 102

Kingdom (continued )—

Phases of the 226

Refusal of the 319

Social Relationships in the 317
The Spirit and the . . . 50
Subjects responsible for

the 222 f

the key-note of Christ's

teaching. The .... 200 f

Meaning of the term . . 205 f

O. T. use of the term . . 206
the key-note of Christ's

works. The 204 f

of Love. God's .... 27
of man's probationary life.
The 120 f

The devil a .103

Logos. The 4 f


Law of man's probation-
ary 120 f

adjusted to truth 195

Lord. The 23 f


Qod (continued)

to men. Relation of . . 114

A revelation of 27

The rule of 207

Irreligious solicitude for . 308

a Spirit 25 f

Christ the Word of . . . 28

Teaching of Christ for
human 13

The Kingdom of ... . 208


of anarchy. False . . . 232


of its subjects. The King-
dom of God the ... 221 f


of obedience.

Love the . 192


of salvation. Sanctity the 186

Jehovah 24


Anarchy postponing the . 242

The Church and the . . 267 f
Responsibility of the

Church for the . . . . 275
Christ's claims concerning

the 221

Christ's conception of the 199 f

Conflict in the 281 f

Relation between the

Cross and the .... 249 f

Entrance to the . . 218 f, 319 f
The cross the entrance to

the 257

of God. The 207

of God to be established.

The 224 f

of heaven. The .... 208
the inheritance of its sub-
jects. The 221 f

Immediate interest in the 199

of God come to men. The 220 f

Parables of the 202 f

the inspiration of obedience 192


Christ's conception of . . H4f
Christ identified with . . 113
Christ's relation to . . . 38 f
The coming of the Son of 302 f
the necessity for his con-
version 123

The fact of 113

to God. Relation of . . 114
The kingdom of God come

to 220 f

the defilement of his na-
ture 123

the continuity of his per-
sonality 120

physically and spiritually . 119
The opportunity of his

restoration I23f
of demons. The . .
Defilement of man's .
of sin. The ....
of the Spirit . The .

Man (continueJ)

concerning salvation. Re-
sponsibility of ... .

The Spirit and

The unity of bis being . .

of anarchy. The ....
of the name of God. Christ

of Christ. The ....
of Christ in Salvation. The

of angels. The future . .
of angels. The present .

of Christ. The ....
of Christ . The saving
The cross a necessity in

The devil a

of angels. The . .
of the Church's conflict



The call to

Love the inspiration of .

the proof of repentance

and faith


of the Spirit. The . . .


of salvation. Faith the .


of sin unrevealed. The .

of the Kingdom. The .




180 f

181 f
71 f

202 f

of Christ . The 3

Continuity of man's . . . 120

of this world. The devil
the , . 104 f

of evil. The 132

of Christ's second coming.

The 305

of Christ in salvation. The 161 f

of anarchy. The .... 239 I

Christ's teaching to pro-
claim 13

to God. Christ's .... 33
to man. Christ's .... 38 f

of man to God. The . . 114

in the Kingdom. Social . 317


The call to 176 f

fundamental to salvation . 176

of man concerning salva-
tion. The 177 f

in sin. The 135

Opportunity of man's . . 123f

of God. Christ the . . . 28
of Himself. Christ's . . 32 f

Rtaema 41

Anarchy's false 236

of God. The 207

Claim of Christ concern-
ing 150, 156

Christ's conception of. 150, 156
Faith the opportunity of . 179

Thegiftof 166 f

interpreted . . . . 147 f, 157 f
The method of Christ in . 156
The purpose of Christ in . 161 f
Repentance fundamental to 176
The responsibility of man

concerning 1771

Sanctity the issue of . . . 186

Sin and 151, 165

The word 141


of character 188 f

of conduct 192 f

the issue of salvation . . 186

possible of realization . . 196

Truth the medium of . . 188 f

Different aspects of . . . 129

Bondage in 136

The fact of 127

Fixity in 136

The force of i3of

possible. Forgiveness of 137 f

The nature of 130 f

unrevealed. The Origin

of 127

Responsibility in ... . 135

and salvation . . . . 151, 165


of legitimate things. The 322


for God. Irreligious . . 308


The being of the . . . . 59

the Comforter. The . . 63 f

The coming of the . . . 67 f

God a 25 f

The Holy 60

and the Kingdom. The . 50

and man. The .... 53

The nature of the . . . . 59

The office of the .... 71 f

Spirit {continued)
Christ's general teaching
concerning the .... 50 f

of truth. The 66

and Christ's work. The. 53 f


The Kingdom of God in-
herited by its .... 221 f

Their responsibility for the
Kingdom of God . . . 222 f


of Christ authoritative . . 8
of Christ, divine in au-
thority II

of Christ, His claim . . 9
Christ's estimate of His . 11

of Christ final 14

of Christ for human gov-
ernment 13

of Christ concerning Him-
self 32 f

The Kingdom the key-
note of Christ's .... 200
of Christ to proclaim re-
demption. The ... 13

Life adjusted to 195
the medium of sanctity 188 f
The Spirit of 66


of man's being. The . . 117 f


of the Church. The . . 286 f


of God. The 5

of God. Christ the . . . 28


of Christ . The Spirit and

the 53 f

of disciples. The Spirit
and the 55 f

ofGod. The I78f

The Kingdom the inspira-
tion of Christ's .... 204f


The devil prince of this . 104 f


Printed in Ike Untied Stntes 0/ America


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The Analyzed Bible

The great life-work of this "prince of Bible expositors," whose phenomenal success as % teacher of the word in America and England is well known.


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Vol. II. Introduction To Job-malachi
Vol. III. Introduction To Matt.-revelation

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B. H. CARROL!., P.P.

An Interpretation of the English Bible

Numbers to Ruth. 8vo, cloth, net $1.75.

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My Father's Business—And Mine

i2mo, cloth, net $i.oo.

Dr. Smith devotes the earlier part of his book to a study of Christ's historic pronouncement concerning His Father's business, presenting an examination of the analogical content of the word "Father," and an analysis of the Master's own sayings respecting His earthly mission.

JOHN F. STIRLING Authorcf"An Athutftkt

1 Lift«/ Christ''

An Atlas of the Acts and Epistles

A Complete Outline of Apostolic History, Showing the Details of the Apostles' Journeys and the Area of the Epistles in Specially Drawn Maps. 8vo, limp cloth, net 40c .

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The Lord's Return

Seen in History and in Scripture as Pre-Millennial and Imminent. With an Introduction by Bishop Wilson T. Hogue, Ph.D. 8vo, cloth, net $1.00.

In his Introductory Preface, Bishop Hogue of the Fre» Methodist Church says: "An encyclopedia of valuable Information condensed into a convenient hand-book for reads' ret



Archaeology of the Old Testament

Was the Old Testament Written in Hebrew? Library of Historic Theology. 8vo, cloth, net $1.50.

ments and eoncluaions earry unusual weight.

A R. RUCKLAND, M.A. (Editor) ^-&J£

Universal Bible Dictionary

Large 8vo, cloth, net $1.50.

A work prepared with the definite aim of aiding the ord • n.r*7eader and Bible atudent, rather than critic and schol^ItUi also arranged so as to serve as an introductwn ?I" ...temati theology study, and contains extended articlea'^'th: cardinal £ctrin£of the OtrgiTM> faith fyauah

G, JSin<roT question? of modern criticism, the general !££.tftn taken by the compilers is a conservative one. alf?^-h«haiiatve account has been taken of the conclusion

thousand five hundred articles



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Romans I-V. 12mo, cloth, net 50c.

God's Gift and Our Response

Romans VI-VIII. 12mo, cloth, net 50c

God's Love and God's Children

Romans IX-XVII. 12mo, cloth, net 50c. A helpful and clearly-written body of comment o« St. Paul's Utter fo the Romans. The author is ai >»jrm.- who*. _,lrVi. known and valued on both sides of the Atlantic. MVauro Toes not write for scholar,, but for devout and I-Ji.hintiil believers—for men and women whose faith H &#.,* gVoundedTon th. Word of th. Wring God.



My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year

limo, cloth, net $1.25.

A series of choice, tabloid talks—a spiritual meditation for every day in the year. Dr. Jowett points every word of these brief expositions so that it tells, while the lessons he seeks to convey are so propounded as to enter the understanding of his readers along a pathway of light. The whole volume is of true mintage, bearing the impress of Dr. Jowett'r ripest thought and fruitful mind.


Quiet Talks About the Crowned Chris?

i2mo, cloth, net 75c.

After many years' study of the one book of the Bible devoted to the subject of the crowned Christ—the Revelation of John—Mr. Gordon has put these latest talks together. No book of the sixty-six has seemed so much like a riddle, and set so many guessing. Mr. Gordon, however, holds the deep conviction that it ia wholly a practical book, and concerned wholly with our practical daily lives.


My Daily Prayer

A Short Supplication for Every Day in the Year. 32mo, leather, net 35c; cloth, net 25c.

"This is a tiny volume, in the 'Yet Another Day' series, and contains a brief prayer for each day in the year. Some of the petitions contain only one sentence, but each one is simple, pertinent, and helpful."—Zicn's Htrali.


Day Unto Day

A Brief Prayer for Every Day. New Edilien. ifjrno, cloth, net 50c

These choice prayers will be valued by the Christian world for the stimulus, inspiration, and wide spiritual outlook which have made the memory of their author a cherished possession.


A Book of Public Prayer

iarao, clotk, net 75c.

"A distinct addition to our devotional literature. It is good for private reading; but would be especially valuable for ministers as an aid to the difficult, but immensely important, service of voicing the petitions of a congregation in public prayer."—Standard.



HAROLD BEGBIE Author of " Twin Barn Men"

The Proof of God

A Dialogue With Two Letters, iamo, cloth, net 75c.

The author of "Twice-Born Men" here enters * new field 91 thought. It i» a moat effective book—one that will be read and paaaed on to otheri. Hii method of meeting the agnostic and the skeptic ia admirable. Here ia philosophy" presented in conversational form, pointed and convincing.

WILLIAM J. LIIAMON, P.P. Deono/BiiUSaoolDryrr' Colltse. Sprtnefield. Mo.

The Character Christ—Fact or Fiction?

i2mo, cloth, net $1.00.

A study of the Christian Gospels, prepared and presented with a view to enforcing the claims of the historical Christ. Attention is directed to the literary presentation of the character Christ. C. L. DRAWBRIDGE

Common Objections to Christianity

Library of Historic Theology. 8vo, cloth, net $1.50. An ably compiled volume deafing with almost every current objection to Christianity. The author writes with a jretty full knowledge of these objections, having;, as Secetary of the Christian Evidence Society, lectured in the London Parks and held his own sgainst all sorts of questioners. CHARLES J. SHEBBEARE Rector of Swerford.

Uxcn. England

Religion in an Age of Doubt

Library of Historic Theology. 8vo, cloth, net $1.50. To this great problem Mr. Shebbeare addresses himself, claiming that with the old faith and the added insight of a new teaching, believers may lay the foundations of a devotional system, which furnishes a rational ground for a robust faith. W. 3. SPARROW SIMPSON, P.P.

The Catholic Conception of the Church

Library of Historic Theology. 8vo, cloth, net $1.50.

Pr. Simpson's book supplies the information and assists in firming a right judgment: What Christ taught and did; what St. Paul and the Early Fathers conceived to be the functions of the Church; the idea of the Church in the Coun cil of Trent, are among the matters ably discussed.


Modernism and the Reformation

iamo, cloth, net $1.50.

lie aim of this able treatise is to defend the Protestant Reformed faith, as against the liberalising movement within the Roman Church known as Modernism. The essential principles of Protastaniem are set forth in detail with an exhaustive review of the trend and methods of Modernism.


HUGH BUCK, M.A. Author of" Friendship"

The Open Door

i2tno, cloth, net $1.00.

A new volume from the pen of Hugh Black exhibiting all the chief elements of hi» previous work—an uplifting ethical purpose, not a little of the poetry and imagination of the Gaelic temperament, and all a Scotsman's inexorable logic Dr. Black has had chosen to regard life aa an open door, at which he stands and discusses its unfolding problems. Its sorrows and its joys.



Pocket Edition, iamo, cloth, gilt top. net $1.00.

Issued in response to the popular demand for a pocket edition of this gift book which has become a classic.

"Mr. Black is a man of great spiritual earnestness, simplicity of nature, and very fine intellectual quality. This volume, which is tender and winning, and at the same time vigorous and incisive, shows the fine grain of the man s nature."—The Outlook. , .

In Uniform Style: "Work," "Comfort," "Happinea."


Messages for the Times

i2mo, boards, each net 35c . The Message from Bethlehem

A plea for the world-wide adoption of the spirit of tha Angels' sons;—"Goodwill to Men.'

The Royal Art

A lucid exposition of Mr. Bryan's views concerning what he deems the aims and ideals of righteous government.

The Making of a Man

An eloquent yet faithful tracing of the main lines to be followed if the crown of manhood is to be attained, and the best there is extracted from this earthly life.

The Prince of Peace

Mr. Bryan's famous and picturesque lecture delivered era now in the hearing of tens of thousands.

FREDERICK LYNCH .._, *<"*"<*. „ ,

The Peace Problem" eU.

What Makes a Nation Great?

i2mo, cloth, net 75c. .«.-...

"This is a voice that ought to be heard. Dr. Lynch pointa out what elements enter into the greatness of a nation and gives some indications that by these standarda the United States is a great nation. The well known advocate ef peace and arbitration proves instesd that the greatness of a nation is always spiritual If pastors read this book they will be very sure to preach it."—The Continent.


The Story-Life of the Son of Man

8vo, illustrated, net $2.50.

"A literary mosaic, consisting of quotations from a great number of writers concerning all the events of the Gospels. The sub-title accurately describes its contents. That subtitle is 'Nearly a thousand stories from sacred and secular sources in a continuous snd complete chronicle of the earth life of the Saviour.' The book was prepared for the general reader, but will be valuable to minister, teacher snd student. There are many full-page engravings from historic paintings and sacred originals, some reproduced for the first time.''— Christian Observer.


Pilgrims of the Lonely Road

l2tno, cloth, net $1.50.

"A rare book for its style, its theme and the richness of its insight. Seldom is seen a book of more exquisite grace of diction—happy surprises of phrase, and lovely lengths of haunting prose to delight the eye. Each of the great pilgrim's studies is followed step by step along the lonely way of the soul in its quest of light, toward the common goal of all—union with the eternal."—Chicago Record-Herald.


Quiet Talks on Following The Chris*

121710, cloth, net 75c.

"This volume is well calculated to aid in Christian life, to give strength, courage and light on difficult problems. It grips one's very life, brings one face to face with God's word, ways of understanding it and, even its every day application. It is plain, clear, direct, no confusion of dark sentences."—Bapt. Observer.


The Teaching of Chris*

A Companion Volume to "The Crises of The Christ." 8vo, cloth, net $1.50.

"One does not read far before he is amazed at the clear and V>gical grasp Dr. Morgan has upon divine truths. Could a copy of this book, with its marvelous insight, its straightforwardness, its masterly appeal, be placed in the hands of our church leaders, it would go far toward negativing the spiritual barrenness of destructive criticism. Here is a work that may profitably occupy a prominent place in the minister's library."—Augsburg Teacher.


The Edge Of the Woods And Other Papers

i2mo, cloth, net $1.25.

"Sane optimism, an appreciation of the beautiful and a delicate humor pervades the book which is one for lovers of real literature to enjoy."—Pittsburgh Past.


JOSEPH FORT NEWTON Author of "ThoEtornml

———————^— Christ,"''David S'wine"

What Have the Saints to Teach Us?

A Message from the Church of the Past to the Church of To-day. i2mo, cloth, net Sec.

"Of that profounder life of faith and prayer and vision which issues in deeds of daring excellence, the Pilgrims of the Mystic Way are the leaders and guides; and there is much in our time which invites their leadership."—Preface,


The Angel in the Sun

Glimpses of the Light Eternal. Cloth, net $1.00.

Dr. Shaw has prepared a aeries of spirited addresses

id free Angel hing and enheartening book; the cheery word of a man of unswerving faith to hia companions by the way.


Dr. snaw nas prepared a series ot spirited addre marked throughout by sincerity and fine feeling, and of all philosophical surmise, or theological cavil. The A In The Sun is a refreshing and enheartening book;

Looking for the Saviour

lamo, cloth, net 35c.; paper, 20c.

The first part of this little volume is devoted to an examination of the chief reasons that have been advanced in support of the post-tribulation view of the Rapture of the Saints. The second part contains some affirmative teaching relating to the general subject of the lord's return.


Recruits for World Conquests

i2mo, cloth, net 75c.

"Here is a soul-stirring message, presenting the call and the need and the response we should make. The author is deeply spiritual, wise, earnest and conservative in presenting hia appeal.—Word and Way,


Thirteen Appreciations

i2mo, cloth, net $1.50.

Appreciations of Santa Teresa, Jacob Boehme, Bishop Andrews, Samuel Rutherford, Thomas Shepard, Thomas Goodwin, Sir Thomas Browne, William Law, James Fraser of Brea, Bishop Butler, Cardinal Newman, William Guthrie and John Wesley, go to the making of Dr. Whyte'a new book, a Work of high authority, revealing on every page the man who •rote it

G. Campbell Morgan's Analyses of the Life of Christ

The Crises of the Christ.

An Interpretation of the Vital Events in the Life of Christ. 8vo, cloth, net Si.50

"Its conception is excellent; it treats seven critical epochs in the Hie of Christ—the birth, baptism, temptation, transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. Dr. Morgan has abilities which peculiarly fit him to treat these experiences in a practical and spiritual manner."—Outlook.

The Teaching of Christ.

An Interpretation of the Oral Teachings of Jesus. 8vo, cloth . . net Si.50

"The method of the author is to gather together the great truths enunciated by Christ in relation to each of the subjects selected for study. After collating the passages contained in the four Gospels, the texts are carefully explained and the conclusions drawn. These studies are marked by the Biblical knowledge, the clear analysis, and the vivid style which characterize all the utterances and writings of this popular preacher and author."

—Record of Christian Work.

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