Evangelical Books,





Notes by C. H. M.—Genesis, 75c; Exodus.; 75c; Leviticus, 75c.; Numbers, 75c. The set of four volumes sent post paid for £3.00,

The Notes on each book are complete in one volume, and are most precious and edifying expositions.

Mr. D. L. Moody says of these books: "Some years since I had my attention called to C. H. M.'s notes, and was so much pleased and at the same time profited by the way they open up the Scripture truths, that I secured at once all the writings of the same author, and, if they could not be replaced would rather part with my entire library, excepting my Bible, than with these writings. They have been to me a very key to the Scriptures."

Maj. D. W. Whittle says: "Under God they have blessed me more than any books, outside of the Bible itself, that I have ever read, and have led me to a love of the Bible that is proving an unfailing source of profit." Life and Times of David, Or The Life Of Faith Exemplified. ; being thoughts on the principal scenes in the life and times of David king of Israel. By C. H. M., author of " Notes on Genesis, Exodus, &c. &c." Third edition. Revised. 16 mo., 200 pp. Cloth, 60c. Grace and Truth, under twelve different aspects. By W. P. Mackay, A M. Seventh edition. 12 mo., pp. 272; paper 50c; cloth, fine 75c

Mr. D. L. Moody says of this work: I know of no book in print better adapted to aid in the work of him who would be a winner of souls, or to place in the hands of the unconverted."

During the past four years Mr. Moody has given away over 10,000 copies of this book to inquirers and young converts.

Recollections of Henry Moorhouse, Evangelist, by Geo. C. Needham, being a record of the life, conversion and work of this well known evangelist. 210 pp., cloth, neat $ I 00

Twelve Select Sermons, by D. L. Moody. Carefully revised, and containing those gospel addresses most blessed in evangelistic work. 128 pp., cloth, rich gilt stamp, 60 cts. Paper edition, 30 cts.

Heaven—Where it is; Its Inhabitants, and How to Get There, by D. L. Moody. Cloth, rich gold stamp, 112 pp., 60 Cts. Paper covers, 30 cts.

The clear, scriptural, common-sense treatment of this subject by Mr. Moody, has been commended in the highest terms by leading theologians in Europe and America, while the common people have heard them everywhere with gladness.

Hew to Study the Bible. By D. L. Moody. Revised. A valuable little work, Which should be carefully read and studied by all

who desire to enjoy the study of the Word.

Paper cover $0 10

""per doz I 00

Cloth,'flexible 15

The Way and the Word. By D. L. Moody.

Paper 15 cts.

Cloth 25

This is a neat little volume, containing a treatise on Mr. Moody's favorite topic, Regeneration; also his thoughts on Bible study; the whole prefaced by a personal introduction by Mr. Moody.

Ten thousand copies were ordered for distribution to the young converts and enquirers at the Chicago special services, the names received amounting to nearly that number.

The Second Coming of Christ. By D. L. Moody. Revised

from original notes. 32 pages and cover. Price $0 10

Per dozen '. I 00

We trust this pamphlet will be widely circulated, thus calling attention to this important subject and most precious truth.

Inquiry Meetings. By Messrs. Moody and Whittle. Comprising "How to Conduct Inquiry Meetings," by D. L. Moody, and "The Use of the Bible in Inquiry Meetings," by D. W. Whittle.

40 pages and cover. Price $0 15

Per dozen $1 50

Pic-millennial Essays of the Prophetic Conference. The full and authorized edition of the essays and addresses of the late Prophetic Conference held in New York City.

To which is added an appendix of Critical Testimonies, translated from the first scholarship of Germany and other countries. Issued in one large i2mo..volume of 520 pp. Price $1.50.


Woman's Ministry, and other expository addresses, by Mrs. Geo.

C. Needham; 146 pp., 161110., cloth $ 75.

The first expository address gives character to this book. It is literally an exposition, bearing on the question of woman's relation to preaching and teaching. It is one of the fairest arguments we have met with en the subject, drawn exclusively from the written word of God. The writer takes the position that where woman is duly qualified she is authorized to preach or teach, when such teaching does not involve headship or authority in the church The discussion of the relation of man and woman as types of Christ and the Church are interesting and instructive. Many will want to get the book for the sake of this first part.

The addresses which follow, though not so lengthy, treat of faith, the Holy Spirit, and other important subjects, with rare scriptural discrimination. A sweet blending of Spiritual life and light is throughout the book. Walking Worthy of God. A reprint from the Works of Rev. John Flavel, with an introduction by (and published at the request of) Mat. D. W. Whittle. A valuable book for circulation, an incentive to Christian living. Sq. l6mo., 43 pp 15 cts.

Clifton Springs Bible Readings. Containing the Bible Readings and addresses given at the Conference of Believers, at Clifton Springs, N. Y., by Messrs. Brookes, Erdman, Whittle, Needham, Parsons, Clarke, Marvin and others. 140 pp., sq. i6mo., cloth, fine,

50 cts. Paper covers 25 cts.

Christian's Secret of a Happy Life. (The) By H. W. S.

(Mrs. R Pearsall Smith), author of Record of a Happy Life.

I2mo., cloth, neat .'. $1 00

Paper Covers 50

Glad Tidings; a book for inquirers. By Robert Boyd, D. D., with Preface by D. L. Moody. 12 mo., 100 pp. Cloth, neat, 50c.

A cheap edition in paper for circulation, 25c. This book has been used largely in connection with the great revival meetings, both in Great Britain and this land. Mr. Moody has used it largely in his work, giving away many thousand copies.

My Inquiry Meeting; or, Plain Truths for Anxious Souls. By Robert Boyd, D. D., Author of "Glad Tidings," "Young Converts," &c, 64 pp. 15c; cloth, 25c.

For simplicity, clearness and force of statement we have met nothing that equals this little volume. We can think of no better service a pastor could render to Sunday School teachers and other guides of souls than to secure their reading of these pages. Nor could inquirers have any better help in their search for truth.

Notes and Suggestions for Bible Readings. By S. R. Briggs and J. H. Elliott. Acknowledged to be the very best help for Bible Readings in print. Containing, in addition to twelve introductory chapters on plans and methods of Bible Study and Bible

Readings, over six hundred Bible Readings and Bible Studies by some of the most eminent Bible students of the day.

This volume is without doubt the most complete and satisfactory, as well as the largest and cheapest book of Bible Readings published.

262 pages, large l2mo., with complete index. Paper cover, 50c. Cloth, flexible, 75c. Cloth, boards, fx. . May Christians Dance? By James H. Brookes, D. D. 144 pp., l6mo., 25 cents. Cloth, 50 cents.

The subject of this small volume is again creating considerable comment and controversy throughout the religious press. The author has handled the subject carefully and deliberately, but very decidedly, making charges especially against the contaminating influences of the round dance. The book should be largely circulated. How to be Saved, Or The Sinner Directed To The Saviour.

By J. H. Brookes, D. D. 120 pp. Paper, 25 cents. Cloth, 50 cents. The Scientific and Religious Discoveries in the Great Pyramid, recently made by Prof. Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, and by other noted scholars. Compiled by WkL H. Wilson. Illustrated with several diagrams. 64 pp. sq., 161110., 25 cents. Cloth, 50 cents.

To say that the facts herein set forth are wonderful is far below the truth. Many are so marvelous, and the deductions from them are so important, ihat no Christian can afford to pass them by. Many will reject the conclusions of the writers. None can resist the facts, and they should be known. Life and Light. A book for anxious ones and young converts, being outlines of a few addresses, and the substance of conversations and correspondence with enquirers, and an exposition of many difficult passages. By an Evangelist. Second edition, revised and enlarged. 124 pp., i6mo., 25 cents. One of the best books we have ever issued. Future Punishment. A test case, by Rev. H. L. Hammond. An. admirable dissection and exposure of a plausible and popular delusion; a good thing to have scattered abroad by thousands. 32 pp. and cover, neat, 15 cents. Symbolic Structure Of The Gospel Of St. John. A study. By W. J. Erdman. The writer of this study of 104 pages traces the symbolic progress of Jesus as the glory of God through the Gospel of John as through the courts and holy places of the Temple at Jerusalem. 104 pp., sq., l6mo., 30 cents.

Any book in this list sent post-free to any address on receipt of price.

F. H. REVELL, Publisher,