1 Chronicles 2:21

1 Chronicles 2:21

And afterward Hezron went in to the daughter of Machir the
father of Gilead
Which Machir was the son of Manasseh, and Gilead was his grandson, ( Numbers 26:29 ) the Targum is,

``but he enticed a virgin, the daughter of Machir;''

which suggests, that he committed fornication with her, though he afterwards married her; her name is not mentioned; to me it seems to be Abiah, ( 1 Chronicles 2:24 ) and whom the Targum there calls the daughter of Machir:

whom he married when he was sixty years old;
the Targum is sixty six; this seems to be his last wife:

and she bare him Segub;
the same name with the youngest son of Hiel, who rebuilt Jericho, ( 1 Kings 16:34 ) .