1 Chronicles 29:16

1 Chronicles 29:16

O Lord our God, all this store that we have prepared
Of gold, silver that he and his people had provided and contributed: the gold, according to Jacob Leon F18, amounted to 59,766 tons of gold, and 46,123 gilders, each ton to be reckoned at least 1000 pounds sterling; the silver, reduced to the value of gold, made 46,337 tons, and two hundred and fifty gilders; but both, according to Witsius F19, amounted to 20,585 tons of gold; and if the talents were talents of the sanctuary, and they double the common talents, as some say they were, it was as much more, and may well be expressed by

all this store,
besides the brass, iron

to build thee an house for thine holy name;
to perform holy and religious worship in it, for the glory of his name: cometh of

thine hand, and [is] all thine own:
this he repeats, that God might have all the glory of all they had and did.


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