1 Chronicles 5:12

1 Chronicles 5:12

Joel the chief
In this and the following verse are reckoned up the principal men in the tribe of Gad, and the chief of all was Joel, another from him in the tribe of Reuben, ( 1 Chronicles 5:4 )

and Shapham the next;
the second chief man, from whom, Reland F24 conjectures, Shophan, a city in the tribe of Gad, had its name, ( Numbers 32:35 )

and Jaanai;
from whom Danjaan might be called, as Michaelis intimates, ( 2 Samuel 24:6 )

and Shaphat in Bashan;
not Shaphat the father of Elisha, according to a tradition of the Jews, mentioned by Kimchi; which is not at all probable.


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