1 Chronicles 5:2

1 Chronicles 5:2

For Judah prevailed above his brethren
That is, the tribe of Judah prevailed above the rest in number, in valour, and courage, and in dignity; wherefore the genealogy is not reckoned according to birthright, but dignity and dominion; hence this genealogical account began with Judah,

[because] of him [came] the chief ruler;
David and the kings of Judah, his successors; and above all, from him the Prince Messiah was to spring, and did, according to ( Genesis 49:10 ) so both the Syriac and Arabic versions read,

``out of Judah should go forth the King Messiah:''

but the birthright [was] Joseph's
or "though" F16 it was; yet Judah having the dominion and dignity, that tribe is first genealogized.


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