In this chapter is an account of a man of God being sent to exclaim
against Jeroboam's altar, and threaten its destruction, of which he
gave a sign, which was accomplished, and with it the withering of the
king's hand, which was healed upon the prophet's prayer for him,
\\#1Ki 13:1-7\\, who would have entertained him at his house, but he
refused the offer, and departed, \\#1Ki 13:8-10\\, but an old prophet
in Bethel hearing of him, rode after him, and fetched him back to eat
bread with him, through a lie he told him, \\#1Ki 13:11-19\\ upon which
the word came to the old prophet, threatening the man of God with
death for disobeying his command, and which was accordingly executed
by a lion that met him in the way, and slew him, \\#1Ki 13:20-24\\, of
which the old prophet being informed, went and took up his carcass,
and buried it in his own sepulchre, where he charged his sons to bury
him also when dead, believing that all the man of God had said would
be fulfilled, \\#1Ki 13:25-30\\ and the chapter is closed with
observing the continuance of Jeroboam in his idolatry, \\#1Ki 13:33,34\\.