This chapter relates the sickness of Jeroboam's son, the application
of his wife, at his instance, to the prophet Ahijah, in the child's
favour, \\#1Ki 14:1-6\\, the prophecy of the prophet concerning the
ruin of Jeroboam's house, and the death of the child, which came to
pass, \\#1Ki 14:7-18\\, an account of the years of Jeroboam's reign,
and also of Rehoboam's, \\#1Ki 14:19-21\\, and of the evil things done
and suffered by the latter in his kingdom, and the calamities that
came upon him for it, \\#1Ki 14:22-28\\ and the conclusion of his
reign, \\#1Ki 14:29-31\\.

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