1 Kings 18:23

1 Kings 18:23

Let them therefore give us two bullocks
Who, being so many, were better able to be at the expense of them, and having the king on their party too; though perhaps no more is meant than that two bullocks should be brought thither, and presented before them:

and let them choose one bullock for themselves;
which of the two they would, if they thought one was any ways preferable to the other, it was at their option to take it:

and cut it in pieces, and lay it on wood;
as sacrifices usually were:

and put no fire under;
which was wont to be done for burnt offerings, as this was designed to be:

and I will dress the other bullock;
by slaying and cutting it in pieces;

and lay it on wood:
as for a burnt offering:

and put no fire under;
to consume it.

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