1 Kings 2:19

1 Kings 2:19

Bathsheba therefore went unto King Solomon, to speak unto him
for Adonijah
She went from her own house to the palace; for she might not live at court; or however had an apartment to herself, from whence she went to the king with her suit in favour of Adonijah:

and the king rose up to meet her, and bowed himself unto her;
upon her entrance into the presence chamber, in honour to her as a parent, he rose up from his throne, and made his obeisance to her, as a dutiful son:

and sat down on his throne, and caused a seat to be set for the king's
a magnificent seat or throne, as the word is, was ordered to be set for her:

and she sat on his right hand;
where he placed her in honour to her as his mother; so Nero F1 placed Tiridates king of Armenia at his right hand, to do him honour.


F1 Suetonius in Vit. Neron. c. 13.