This chapter gives an account of the charge David gave to his son
Solomon, a little before his death, to walk in the ways of the Lord,
\\#1Ki 2:1-4\\; and of some instructions delivered to him concerning some
particular persons he should either show favour to, or execute justice
on, \\#1Ki 2:5-9\\; and the next account in it is concerning his death and
burial, and the years of his reign, \\#1Ki 2:10,11\\; after which it
relates an address of Bathsheba to Solomon in favour of Adonijah, which
was refused, and the issue of it was his death, \\#1Ki 2:12-25\\; and the
deposition of Abiathar from the priesthood, \\#1Ki 2:26,27\\; and the
putting of Joab to death for his treason and murders, \\#1Ki 2:28-34\\; in
whose post Benaiah was put, as Zadok was in the place of Abiathar,
\\#1Ki 2:35\\; and lastly the confinement of Shimei in Jerusalem, who had
cursed David, \\#1Ki 2:36-38\\; who upon transgressing the orders given
him was put to death, \\#1Ki 2:39-46\\.