1 Kings 20:31

1 Kings 20:31

And his servants said unto him
Being reduced to the utmost extremity; for if he attempted to go out of the city, he would fall into the hands of the Israelites, and there was no safety in it, the wall of it being fallen down; and it could not be thought he could be concealed long in the chamber where he was, wherefore his servants advised as follows:

behold, now, we have heard that the kings of the Israel are merciful
not only the best of them as David and Solomon, but even the worst of them, in comparison of Heathen princes, were kind and humane to those that fell into their hands, and became their captives:

let us, I pray thee;
so said one in the name of the rest:

put sack cloth on our loins, and ropes upon our heads;
and so coming in such a mean and humble manner, and not with their armour on, they might the rather hope to have admittance; so, the Syracusans sent ambassadors to Athens, in filthy garments, with the hair of their heads and beards long, and all in slovenly habits, to move their pity F18;

and go out to the king of Israel:
and be humble supplicants to him:

peradventure he will save thy life;
upon a petition to him from him; to which the king agreed, and sent it by them.


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