1 Kings 7:30

1 Kings 7:30

And every base had four brasen wheels, and plates of brass,
&c.] Flat pieces or planks of brass, on which the wheels stood, and not on the bare floor; so that these wheels seem only to serve as supporters, not to carry the laver from place to place, as is usually said; for they were not like chariot wheels, on two sides of the carriage, but set one at each square; and besides, when the lavers were placed upon them, they were fixed in a certain place, ( 1 Kings 7:39 )

and the four corners thereof had undersetters;
or "shoulders F1", or pillars, which were placed on the plates of brass the wheels were; and served with them to support the lavers when laid upon the bases, and so were of the same use as men's shoulders, to bear burdens on them:

under the layer were undersetters molten;
cast as, and when and where, the bases were, and the plates on which they stood; this explains the use they were of, being under the laver; these pillars stood at the four corners of the base:

at the side of every addition;
made of thin work, ( 1 Kings 7:29 ) they stood by the side of, or within side, the sloping shelves.


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