1 Peter 2:20

1 Peter 2:20

For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your
Which ye have committed, and are guilty of, and are truly such:

ye shall take it patiently?
to be silent, and not murmur when beaten, within measure, for real faults, is no great honour, nor does it deserve any praise; it is the least that can be done:

but if, when ye do well;
either in their master's service, or rather in the business of religion, and the things of God; as when what they do is according to the will of God, and from love to him, and in faith, and in the name and strength of Christ, and to the glory of God; without all which there is no well doing:

and suffer for it;
reproach and persecution, by words or blows, in person or property:

ye take it patiently;
without grieving and repining, or answering again, and making any returns:

this is acceptable with God;
is agreeably to his will, and grateful in his sight, what he is well pleased with, is reckoned grace with him; and though it is his own grace, and of his own bestowing, he will reward it with glory.

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