This chapter relates how Saul disposed of his army, \\#1Sa 13:1,2\\
that Jonathan his son smote a garrison of Philistines, which provoked
them to come out with a large army against them, to the great terror of
the Israelites, many of whom fled to secret places, and to distant
parts, \\#1Sa 13:3-7\\, that Saul tarried at Gilgal waiting for Samuel,
but he not coming so soon as expected, offered sacrifice himself,
\\#1Sa 13:8-10\\ for which Samuel, when he came, reproved him, and told
him the kingdom should not continue with him, but be given to another
man, \\#1Sa 13:11-14\\ on which Saul departed to Gibeah, where he
continued, the Philistines being encamped at Michmash, \\#1Sa 13:15,16\\
from whence went out spoilers, in three companies, into the land of
Israel, where they met with no opposition; for there were no weapons in
the hands of any but Saul and Jonathan, the Philistines having taken
care that there should be no smith in the land of Israel to make them
any, so that they were defenceless, \\#1Sa 13:17-23\\.