This chapter gives an account of David's relieving Keilah, when it had
like to have fallen into the hands of the Philistines, \\#1Sa 23:1-6\\; and
of Saul's design to surprise him there, which David having notice of,
and inquiring of the Lord, departed from thence; which when Saul heard
of, he forbore to come forth, \\#1Sa 23:7-13\\; and of David's being in the
wilderness of Ziph, where, in a wood there, he had an interview with
Jonathan, \\#1Sa 23:14-18\\; and of the Ziphites offering to deliver him up
to Saul, for which he commends them, and gives them instructions how
they should behave to him in that affair, \\#1Sa 23:19-23\\; and of his
seeking him in the wilderness of Maon, where David and his men were in
great danger of being taken; which was prevented by the news of the
Philistines invading the land coming to Saul just at the nick of time,
\\#1Sa 23:24-29\\.