Saul being returned from following the Philistines, renews his pursuit
after David, \\#1Sa 24:1,2\\; and they meeting in a cave, where David had
the opportunity of taking away the life of Saul, which his men pressed
him to, yet only cut off the skirt of his robe, \\#1Sa 24:3-8\\; which,
calling after him, he held up to him to convince him he had his life in
his hands, but spared it, \\#1Sa 24:9,10\\; upon which he very pathetically
reasons with him about the unreasonableness and unrighteousness of his
pursuit after him, to take away his life, \\#1Sa 24:11-15\\; which so
affected Saul, that he confessed he was more righteous than he, and
owned that the kingdom would be his, and only desired him to swear to
him not to cut off his offspring, which David did, and so they parted,
\\#1Sa 24:16-22\\.

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