1 Samuel 25:29

1 Samuel 25:29

Yet a man is risen to pursue thee, and to seek thy soul
His life, to take it away, meaning Saul, whom she chose not to name, because he was king:

but the soul of my lord shall be bound up in the bundle of life with
the Lord thy God;
should be dear unto the Lord, precious in his esteem, and be carefully preserved by him, among other his chosen ones, and should be safe with him, in his hands, and under his care and keeping; the Jews refer this to eternal life in the world to come, and the safety and security of his soul hereafter; so the Targum,

``the soul of my lord shall be treasured up in the treasury of eternal life, before the Lord thy God:''

hence they speak of the souls of the righteous being laid up under the throne of glory F5, in proof of which they produce this text; and so Maimonides F6 understands it of what should be after death, see ( Revelation 6:9 ) ( Colossians 3:3 ) ;

and the souls of thine enemies, them shall he sling out, [as out] of
the middle of a sling;
that is, remove them swiftly and suddenly, and with force, out of the world, as a stone is slung out of the middle of a sling; see ( Jeremiah 10:18 ) .


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