This chapter gives an account of the death of Samuel, and of the ill
treatment David met with from Nabal; it begins with the death of
Samuel, which was greatly lamented in Israel, \\#1Sa 25:1\\; it draws the
character of Nabal, and his wife, \\#1Sa 25:2,3\\; records a message of
David to him, by his young men, desiring he would send him some of his
provisions made for his sheep shearers, \\#1Sa 25:4-9\\; and Nabal's
ill-natured answer to him reported by the young men, which provoked
David to arm against him, \\#1Sa 25:10-13,21,22\\; and this being told
Abigail, the wife of Nabal, and a good character given of David and his
men, and of the advantage Nabal's shepherds had received from them, and
the danger his family was in through his ingratitude, \\#1Sa 25:14-17\\;
she prepared a present to pacify David, went with it herself, and
addressed him in a very handsome, affectionate, and prudent manner,
\\#1Sa 25:18-31\\; and met with a kind reception, \\#1Sa 25:32-35\\; and
the chapter is closed with an account of the death of Nabal, and of the
marriage of Abigail to David, \\#1Sa 25:32-44\\.