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1 Samuel 30:11

1 Samuel 30:11

And they found an Egyptian in the field
As they passed along, lying there, having been sick, and was half starved, almost dead:

and brought him to David;
to know what was to be done with him; being in the habit of a soldier, they concluded he might be one of the company they were in pursuit of; but whether they should kill him, or make use of him for intelligence and as a guide, could they bring him to himself, they knew not, and therefore brought him to David:

and gave him bread, and he did eat, and they made him drink water;
both which they had with them for their own use; had he been an Amalekite, and not an Egyptian, they might not have relieved or spared him, but must have destroyed him at once; see ( Deuteronomy 25:19 ) .

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