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1 Samuel 30:14

1 Samuel 30:14

We made an invasion [upon] the south of the Cherethites
The Philistines so called, or at least one nation of them, such that dwelt to the south of the land, ( 1 Samuel 30:16 ) ; (See Gill on Zephaniah 2:5);

and upon [the coast] which [belongeth] to Judah;
the south of Judah, where David pretended he had been, and had spoiled, and which was now actually done by the Amalekites, ( 1 Samuel 27:10 ) ;

and upon the south of Caleb;
that part of the tribe of Judah which belonged to Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and his posterity, and which was the southern part of it, ( Joshua 15:19 ) ;

and we burnt Ziklag with fire;
and then departed.